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Thread: Looking for new Primary Care Doctor...

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    Looking for new Primary Care Doctor...

    Would anyone out there happen to know of ANY Primary Care physicians anywhere in the Greater Birmingham (AL) area that, at the very least, has scales for weighing folks in wheelchairs? Anything beyond that, such as having exam tables that are low enough for transferring and actual experience in working with individuals with SCI would simply be gravy.

    I've already called Lakeshore Hospital and asked if they could give me any names, but when I called the doctor that they gave me, it was a no-go... they had no such accessible equipment in their offices. <SIGH>
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    Is there any chance you could find a physiatrist? Primary care doctors rarely have the equipment or experience you are hoping for.

    If you find the physiatrist, then they can sometimes refer you to other docs with more accessible equipment.

    Our physiatrist also claimed to be able to be your primary care doc as well. But unless you are young and otherwise pretty healthy, it is risky to have a physiatrist as your primary care doc. Ours didn't work out in that regard.

    So we have a physiatrist for all SCI stuff, a primary care doc to act as a normal primary care doc..... AND we remind the primary about the issues that much be watched more closely in SCI patients. Like weight, developing diabetes/heart disease, monitoring kidney function and yearly ultrasounds, and bone density issues.

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    Call the outpatient clinic at Spain Rehab Center (Univ. of Alabama) and see if their physiatrists take primary care patients. You can also use the search function on their website (below: search under "rehabilitation medicine"). This is a Model System SCI Center. If they do not, they should have a scale you can use, and may also be able to refer you to a good primary care physician. A physiatrist who is also board certified in Spinal Cord Medicine is ideal. Unlike for HLH, our SCI center (which is through the VA) provides life-time primary care through physiatrists who are also board certified in Spinal Cord Medicine, and the quality of care is excellent.

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    Thanks for the info... I'll give Spain a call. Interestingly enough, my current primary care physician is affiliated with UAB but when I talked with his nurse about this, it apparently never crossed her mind to mention Spain. I did my rehab at Lakeshore, so that's why I naturally thought of calling them.
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