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Thread: Looking for used hand controls

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    Looking for used hand controls

    Does anyone have used hand controls for sale?

    Also, are there any portable controls that still allow an AB to drive the car without removing them?

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    I got my h/c's on e-bay, they usually go for about $250.00, but be aware these are made for a specific model car, hoiwever, some one may be able to make adjustments for you. This model also allows a/b person to drive, It a Monarch. Some of the others arent real stable, I can't see how some paras could use them, maybe ,but I like the monarch, it doesn't tire ya out either.

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    I have a set of Monarch handcontrols for sale........If you are interested, I can get you more specific info.

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    Hand Controls

    If you go to portible hand controls in search function I believe they go for about 350 dollars

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