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Thread: Need a caregiver for college!

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    Need a caregiver for college!

    Maybe somebody could help me out with this?

    I am starting college at FSU next semester and I'm going to have to leave home. I will need a caregiver in the mornings and nights for a couple of hours. How do I find someone? With agencies, people just come and do a half.ass job just to get done faster or they don't even show up at all sometimes -I want someone who will actually respect me enough to do the job right! Does anyone have any suggestions of how to find a caregiver who actually cares?
    - KT

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    A good start would be contacting the collge office of disabilities if you haven't yet, or vocational rehab. Good luck!

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    I would also put an ad in the campus newspaper. That's what they do @ my school when someone wants a caregiver. Good luck!

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    I,ve found a few from local classifieds,unfortunately over time I have found out hire 3 if you need 1,1 might show than run the ad again so you have 1 ready when you have to fire the first ! lol Really though It sux but it is hard to find good reliable people let alone skilled ,affordable etc.

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    I would also recomend posting it at nursing schools and churches. A couple of my friends have done well that way. Be as specific as you can without turning off people, so they know what you are looking for from them. (I am not sure how you handle that part.) I would also encourage you to start sooner, versus later.... like maybe mid semester to see what kind of response you get. With starting school, I would think that you would want that part taken care of before hand.


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    Another possibility would be to get in contact with the local Independent Living Center (ILC). They could help direct you to nursing agencies in the area that may be able to help or if they have had other students with similar needs in the past.
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    Have you asked anyone at the university that you will be attending. Most universities have a disability dept. that can give you info on what your looking for. Some universities have apartments on campus that are ADA adapted and also have listings of attendants. These may be students and they are willing to learn. Some caregivers are so burnt out that they are only doing job as a ways to make ends meet. Students need the credit in their nursing courses to complete their schooling. Goodluck
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    KT. I know that at my school they had van pool, meal, and other disability services. Try posting flyers at the nursing school or physical therapy schools. If your university has a medical school or primary care hospital nearby you can contact their social work department.
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