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Thread: websites about travel

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    One of the best services for taking a cruise, so you don't end up on the news is:

    Steve Osgood, keep thinking what the hell am I going to do when I get out of SCI rehab, he had taken a cruise the year before his injury and his mind kept drifting back to those caribbean sunsets, while he was in rehab where an hour of effort is followed by endless hours of recovery (ie nothing). He did his research and found out that although there are travel services for people with disabilities, accurate information is hard to find. After a year or so of trying to fit back in at his old job, Steve took the plunge and bought into a travel franchise. What you'll find when you book with Steve is someone who's been there, knows the details of exactly where the boats dock and where you'll be stuck onboard if you don't want to transfer into a dingy or small boat. He's scoped out many of the locations himself and can give you expert advice and where to find what your looking for in a vacation.


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    Can anybody post a website for disabled travel to Asia particularly Macau? Hongkong and Singapore are pretty accessible even their subway so we were able to get around there but I have no idea with Macau.

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    Southern Africa accessible accommodation.....

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    site to aid disabled travels

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