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Thread: Have you seen this device?

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    Have you seen this device?

    Medical 'miracle' makes debut

    Provided by: Sun Media
    Written by: BROOKES MERRITT
    Apr. 3, 2008

    local spinal cord researcher puts a spring in the step of a paraplegic
    Scott Oster thanks God he survived a paralyzing injury, but says local spinal cord researcher Dr. Richard Stein is the reason he can walk.

    "I shouldn't even really be alive ... someone upstairs is looking out for me, so any chance to walk is really a blessing," Oster, 29, said yesterday at the University of Alberta

    He was one of several paraplegics recognizing Stein's 45-year commitment to helping people with spinal cord injuries.

    Stein's pioneering research led him to invent the device Oster uses to walk.


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    Not sure about that.

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    Ever since I saw the RTI bike(4months ago), I thought of doing this, this makes
    so much sense seems hard to believe it hasn't been tried before.

    Does anyone have more information on this.

    Same article.

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