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Thread: Service Dog

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    I'm a c5/6 and got my service dog in '99. I got him from in Ohio.

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    On your list numbers 6,7, and 8...Is this
    an elective at Service Dog Training School?
    BTW..Dexter is ALMOST as cute as you are..
    Your photo shows how much he adores you.

    Originally posted by Lewis:

    Dexter and I.
    Yes and No...

    There are many things that Dexter helps me with. Often, the biggest question is not what can the dog do for me, but are you willing/able to take on the responsibility of caring for another life. Answering this question is the toughest.

    Getting a dog should make your life easier, not make it more difficult than it already is!

    For me, I love dogs. The fact that Dexter does things for me is an added bonus!

    Currently, I am attending university. At the moment I have a driver because I'm working on getting funds for a new modified van that I can drive. Without Dexter, I would not even think about attempting to go to school by myself or working (about a year and a half from now).

    Things he currently does for me:
    1. Picks up things I dropped, including my wireless microphone and my hat which I drop often.
    2. Pushes buttons, especially elevator buttons when I cannot reach them.
    3. Can attract attention in case of emergency.
    4. Open doors.
    5. Fetch a water bottle from the fridge.
    6. Pickup women.
    7. Pickup more women.
    8. Pickup woman's friends.

    Originally, I wanted a dog for what he can do for me. After having Dexter for awhile, it occurred to me that I take care of him. I feed him, play with him, and take him on long walks. These days, where I am constantly dependent on other people helping me, it is a great satisfaction to know that I can care for him myself.

    Hope this helps.


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    Originally posted by Lindox:

    On your list numbers 6,7, and 8...Is this
    an elective at Service Dog Training School?
    BTW..Dexter is ALMOST as cute as you are..
    Your photo shows how much he adores you.
    Pickup 101 is a standard course. I'm blushing


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    Keep in mind that while certification is great, it is NOT a requirement under the ADA. The ADA says if you say your animal is a service animal, then it is. Certification cannot be required to provide you access with your service animal. There is at least one web site that has an on-line course to teach you how to train your dog yourself, and provides a place to purchase backpacks and other insignia. Here is one such program:

    Here is some additional information:


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    A service animal has no rights. It is the person with the disability who has the right.

    Just remember, you are responsible for the actions of your service animal.


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    Hubby's first dog was certified by the organization he got his 2nd dog through. They however did stop certifying privately owned & trained dogs. This was due to a law suit a number of years ago. The board, now however is considering this again only because from the rumbles we are hearing from business owners who feel the ADA is being abused by 'the public'. They say they are encountering too many out of control dogs (their words not mine), and I think that there will be a certification push by large business eg, hotel chains, restaraunts etc to have a national certification. So we are starting to put together a program so if it happens we will be ready. Thus far it is in the discussion and planning phase and needless to say our liability carrier has A LOT they think should be included. Time will tell however.

    On the humorous side - I did a certification test on a new team today - the new skill the person taught - bring the koozie, open the fridge, bring the beer, then go back for the back of pretzels. Pretty good for just 3 months together. Although the dog already knew how to open & close the fridge, but we never did trust him with the pretzels.

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    I have a friend that can trains service dogs... She trained one for me yrs ago... She has a dog she is training right now that she rescued from the pound... SHe is looking for someone with a dis who needs a helping hand... She lives in IN... IF some one knows anyone who may be interested let me know...


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    Anna, we've just started looking into getting my daughter a service dog. I would be interested in hearing more details. You can email me if you like.


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    Here are some FAQ about service dogs in the public.

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    Has anyone ever taken their service dog overseas? I'm wondering if most other countries allow service dogs in their businesses like we do in America? I'm also wondering about quarantine. Anyone know if service dogs are exempt?

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