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Thread: Service Dog

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    Service Dog

    I am a C5/C6 quad five years post injury and I hope to be driving myself within a year. Would a service dog be helpful for me?


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    they are great at retrieving dropped car keys!!!

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    But I don't have any hand use just arm movement.


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    i'm sorry if i came off too flip, just couldn't resist! service dogs are great, they learn to open doors, retrieve objects, help pull with manual chairs and provide lots of love. i also hear they attract the ladies. there are specialized controls for c5-6, check with independent living center in your area, or call closest rehab and pick their info brains, they usually have training center to learn how to use the special controls. have you checked with vocational rehab?

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    Yes, OVR is helping me with the driving just started looking into the service dog and wondered if one could help me out.


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    Dexter and I.

    Yes and No...

    There are many things that Dexter helps me with. Often, the biggest question is not what can the dog do for me, but are you willing/able to take on the responsibility of caring for another life. Answering this question is the toughest.

    Getting a dog should make your life easier, not make it more difficult than it already is!

    For me, I love dogs. The fact that Dexter does things for me is an added bonus!

    Currently, I am attending university. At the moment I have a driver because I'm working on getting funds for a new modified van that I can drive. Without Dexter, I would not even think about attempting to go to school by myself or working (about a year and a half from now).

    Things he currently does for me:
    1. Picks up things I dropped, including my wireless microphone and my hat which I drop often.
    2. Pushes buttons, especially elevator buttons when I cannot reach them.
    3. Can attract attention in case of emergency.
    4. Open doors.
    5. Fetch a water bottle from the fridge.
    6. Pickup women.
    7. Pickup more women.
    8. Pickup woman's friends.

    Originally, I wanted a dog for what he can do for me. After having Dexter for awhile, it occurred to me that I take care of him. I feed him, play with him, and take him on long walks. These days, where I am constantly dependent on other people helping me, it is a great satisfaction to know that I can care for him myself.

    Hope this helps.


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    Originally posted by dgrotz:

    ...OVR is helping me with the driving just started looking into the service dog and wondered if one could help me out.
    They don't make the best drivers but my dog is starting to get the hang of now. If I could only get him to keep his head in the window...LOL just kidding

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    Here is a great site on assistance animals:

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    As both a service dog trainer and the wife of a c5/6 quad who has had 2 service dogs - we could not survive with out them. Tag whose name I use here passed away a year and 4 months after he retired. Miss Dart the successor dog had been in place for 4 months so he had a chance to teach her a thing or two.

    For hubby the biggest help is picking up anything that gets dropped... Pens, pencils, coins, paper money, credit cards, computer disks, keys. She can also turn lights on and off, open and close doors (inside & out) and with a special hook pull open those ###@@@!!! heavy mall doors without the openers. Since he got her he has also taught her to tug off his winter coat -- saves hasseling with it-she grabs a sleeve an pulls til he gets an arm out then goes to the other side and pulls til he can get ahold to put the coat where ever he wants.

    From the wife stand point -- she saves me about 200 steps a day and coworkers invaluable time not having to pick up his stuff.

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    Has anyone heard anything, good or bad, about an organization out of Ohio called "4 Paws for Ability"? I would be interested in any input. My daughter and I are discussing a service dog for her, esp. when she goes off to college. I would welcome any and all advice/tips/ideas!


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