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Thread: 4 y/o Grandgirl with SCI (LONG)

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    Dragon Nana,
    By chance was your grandaughter at KK July 25th - August 9th? Our Gracey made a friend there whose name was R----- who sounds just like your grandaughter. They were in therapy together and baked muffins and had a water fight. R was 4 and there with her grandparents and was the lone survivor of a car wreck.
    Gracey's Grammy

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    Oh, my goodness... what wonderful posts. I feel so supported and encouraged. Many, many thanks to all of you for posting!

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    So sorry to read your story. I hope and pray for a full recovery for your granddaughter. Have to have faith that recent progress in medicine and science will get us to a cure in the near future. Best wishes for your family.

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    Merry Christmas to all! Just wanted to update you on Gracey and her Mama.

    Gracey is having such a fun Christmas! We were at their house last Saturday and everything was decorated so beautifully, Christmas Cookies were baked, and there was a party! Rather than running around like last year, our Gracey was rolling around... at least until her Uncle Caleb got there... then her bottom never touched her wheelchair! He toted her wherever she wanted to go. Uncle Caleb has been a very bright spot in Gracey's life since she was born, but even more so the past 9 months. He can push a wheelchair faster than anybody, he knows lots of fun games, and never, ever turns down a request from his Gracey. This past Summer, he escorted her in a beauty pageant .. she says he's her Prince Charming and she is the Princess!

    Her Mama, Holly, is doing remarkably well. Her orthopedic surgeon released her to begin outpatient rehab after the holidays and although she has pain daily, she has been very busy getting ready for Christmas.

    We appreciate everyone's continued concern and support and are praying for a Christmas Miracle - a cure for SCI.

    God bless you all,
    Gracey's Grammy

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    How wonderful that the recovery continues for all of you. Miss Gracie is lucky to have her Uncle Caleb. We all need one of those. I'm so glad that your daughter Holly has the chance to start rehab. I hope she continues to do better each and every day.

    Best wishes for continuing recovery and a happy holiday season for you all.

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    God Bless Gracie, Holly, Caleb, and all the family!
    You've added JOY TO MY HEART! So glad to hear things are better for y'all.
    May you feel God's Heavenly Spirit!

    {HUGS} Mona
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    Thanks for sharing your story. It warms my spirit to know that things are improving for you and your family. Merry Christmas!
    "The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off." -Gloria Steinem

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    Was wondering how y'all were doing?

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    Hey, Madmaddmother,
    Gracey is doing well. Her Mama and Daddy are wonderful and wise beyond their years. They decided to leave her TLSO off to allow her to breathe deeply and hopefully overcome the bronchitis and pneumonia and it worked! ! ! She loves the freedom and her lungs have cleared nicely. Thank you for asking about her. She is truly a joy to all of us!

    The intoxicated woman who hit them goes to trial in February. Believe it or not, she claims she was not driving and is pleading innocent!

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