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    New accessible gym CA

    Hello Everyone,
    Just wanted to let everyone know about a brand new gym that just opened up and it is Awesome!!!!!!!!! Goodwill Industries built this gym from the ground up and all the equipment are top of the line. The gym is located in Santa Ana, Orange County, California. The have machines that you normally see in mobility magazines,......V-glides, Easystands, Scifit arm bikes, etc.....and it is completely stocked with all the other equipment that you would find in a regular gym...treadmills, bikes, weights.....and plasmas everywhere. They also have some weight machines that are specifically made for people in wheelchair. Cybex......has made these machines where the bench is on a hinge and slides out of the way. You just wheel in you can pull and push some serious weight. I posted photos in photobucket hopefully I did it right. I love the lat pull down machine you can clamp your legs down by yourself and pull down weight without having to worry about flipping over. There are plenty of trainers that will help you with the machines and you will also set up a workout based on your needs. There is also a physical trainer on staff that will also set up a workout for you. You could come here with your caregiver and they can workout with you.

    This gym is for everyone....wheelchair users, rehab, or anyone who wants to go to a gym that is not packed. I have been going for the last 2 weeks and it has felt great to come home sore from working out. Come check out I know you will be surprised because they really did their homework and spared no expense in this gym. Here is the link hopefully the link to photobucket works....first time doing it.

    For those that are familiar to this area it is located off the 55 FWY near the 405FWY Let me know if you have any questions.....get off your butts and come work out.......Enrique

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    awwsome gym enrique too bad i live about an hour away i live in san bernardino county i wish we had something similiar to that i guess im going to stick with 24 hours fitness not that much as the one u go to kool hope u have a good work out scheduele

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    Here is an article that they did on the Goodwill Fitness Center. If you are ever in the Orange County area, please take a couple of minutes to drive over to this fitness center to check it out. Goodwill and many donors dropped $7 million dollars into this fitness center. Hopefully it will be the beginning of many.

    It is one of the places that the minute you roll in your jaw will hit the floor.

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