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Thread: New T10 suddenly incontinent

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    New T10 suddenly incontinent

    Hello forum folks.

    I've read quite a few of your posts the past weeks. I feel so much better knowing you are here.

    I'm the mom of a beautiful, spirited girl who became a paraplegic on June 29. She has coped wonderfully-- till now. For the first time since her accident, she's incontinent. She's been home from rehab for 5 wks., self caths just fine, no leakage, did have her second UTI 3 wks. ago which was treated successfully.

    She spent yesterday in tears. Incontinence is something she did not expect, as she'd never had a drop of leakage. What would cause her to be suddenly incontinent?

    Thanks for the help.

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    She could have another UTI or her bladder could be starting to reflex and causing the leakage. She may need to start taking a drug like ditropan. I am sure that the SCI nurse will give you some advice soon. Is she incomplete? Does she feel like she could urinate on her own? Has she tried? She is a new injury so it could possibly be some return.

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    I'm a T10 also, and I had major changes in my bladder when newly injured.

    At first I could hold ~1000cc while in rehab, then when I started to come out of spinal shock(I guess), my bladder started to spasm with less and less volume, causing a bunch of incontinent times.

    If she is not on any bladder meds, she will probably need to start. And you might have to go thru a few of them to find out which one works for her. Her Urologist will need to examine of course, but unfortunately this is a common theme among us.

    Tell her that as much of a pain this "time" is, it should be temporary, as you find the right combo of things that work for her.

    Welcome to CC, sorry y'all had to find us. But since you did, you'll find a wealth of info here.
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    The bladder can be a bit complicated, for example I wouldn't normally leak but if my bladder is full and I lean over to pick something off the floor then I may leak. Has she caused a lot of pressure on her bladder like that example? I don't take any meds and have not leaked in a long long time but I know how my bladder works. I'm sorry she is upset, this is one more thing to have to learn though.

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    My experience was simial to McDuffs. Has she had urodynamics done?
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    It sounds as though she may be getting some return or some of the changes that come as the spinal cord is coming out of shock. It is not uncommon for the bladder and bowel to have different reactions over the first year and sometimes even longer.

    It sounds as though a call to the urologist is in line. They may want to do urodynamics (tests to see if the bladder is functioning neurologically) and then may want to try some medications. It sometimes takes a little juggling to figure out which medication works and how much it takes to control the incontinence. It would be helpful to know if her cath volumes have changed and how much they are.

    It could also be another uti (sorry to say that).... is she having any symptoms?


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    Could also be a sign of something still wrong. I was ok till in rehab and all of a sudden I was wet. happened several times, then they called in a nuro and a uro. ended up the nuro found my burst fracture that had been missed for 50 days

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    I was continent until 5 months after my accident. I now take meds (generic ditropan). It took a few months to establish a rountine even w/ the meds. I also now have what I call my pee sensation. I get tight in the chest and a warm sensation through my neck. Kinda like a hot flash. I know then that I better pee quick or I will leak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liz321
    Yep, day before/day starts cramps can push on bladder and cause leaks. A 2mg valium if not on other anitspasmotic can help tons.
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