Someone asked me this yesterday. He's seen me walking with forearm crutches, which I use for short distances on good days.The person who asked this is a generally nice guy and I'm sure he didn't mean to upset me, but this question always puts me in an emotional place that is not very comfortable.

I feel like I've been sentenced to a life in some kind of fucked up limbo/pergatory between walking full-time and using a wheelchair. Not too many months after my injury, a PT told me that I would probably always need a wheelchair for anything more than short distances. This opinion infuriated me at the time; but more than a year into this journey, I'm beginning to see that her opinion was correct and I'm trying to accept that it's OK. However, everytime someone asks me the question stated above I am hurled into a sea of self-doubt and gulit over not being able to walk full-time just by "trying harder."