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Thread: nurotin-nerve pain

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    [quote=kate41]Hi Everybody-

    This Is My First Time Responding In This Website... I Am Looking For Information On The Side Affects To Lyrica, Whether Good Or Bad. I Currently Take Oxycodone, But Want To Get Off The Addictiveness Of It. Somebody Told Me That Lyrica Would Be Good For My Problem (fusion L-5 - S-1, Partial Fusion/r Side L-3-4, And L4-5/ Bulging Disks L1 And L2). Please, Anybody Respond! Does Lyrica Have The Same Memory Effects As Neurontin? Does It Really Cause Bad Weight Gain?

    lyrica did not work for me. it dropped my white blood cell count. i was taken off and it jumped up again to mormal within a few wks. my ps said that there was a 1% chance that lyrica causesd this so he put me on it again and once again it dropped my white blood cell count. did not notice any weight issues because was not on it very long either time.
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    Hello, I had a prescription for it before the FDA aproved it and started the day they released it, sometimes in 2005. If I remember correctley the 1st two weeks I had headaches, nausea, and dissiness. That went away and the medication worked very good for me. I recentley went off from it to rule out a problem with increased leg pain.

    It did cause weight gain, maybe 10 lbs. I did find that I slept alot better and had more energy during the day then I do while off from it. I also had very slight edema in my ankles, and dissiness. That is all I had for the three years while on it. The pain relief, with other meds, was well worth it for me. I could not tolerate neurontin. I found the medication was very addictive also. Not that you need more and more, but the withdrawles were terrible.

    With opiates or sythetics I found that taking it in cycles makes a big difference. Slowley take a little less of the opiate for a month, than stay on that dose for a few months or until you feel you need more. Than go back to the original dose for for a few months. I found that repeating this is the best way to manage increasing doses and it works for me. You have to do it slowley.


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    I personal don't have any memory problems or any problems with the neurontin. The worst thing I get is dizziness if I get up in the middle of the night.
    I have been in hydrocodone , zanaflex, relafen since december after a lifting injury in october. I then started the neurontin a couple weeks ago because apparent;y when I fell in march and hurt my shoulder they say I hurt my hand to csuing carple tunne;l syndrome. So now I have to have back surg. to fix my hernated disk and carple tunnel surgery. However I have yet to find that the neurotin is helping my hand pain or the pain in my leg. any sugguestions?

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