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Thread: 10 best things about being with your spouse ???

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    10 best things about being with your spouse ???

    While some days my husband feels he is not "good enough" I have never thought this and appreciate every second I have with him. My husband is the best and I cherish him. (Handsome, I know you will read this .. I love you!!)

    What are some of your reasons for being with your spouse ?? (lease limit it to ten)

    10 of the best things about being with the man I married !!! (Random order ... and there are a million more)

    1. I am the most gorgeous women in the world ... well thats what he tells me every morning when we wake up. (It has gone to my head and I have began to believe him ! lol)
    2. His amazing kisses that I could not go without.
    3. Orgasms !!!! when I met him I realized that I had not really been having sex !!
    4. The bling bling !!! ( wedding rings I wear with such pride that is) lol
    5. Planning our family. (TTC naturally... will try for the next year chances are not very good so if no luck we will turn to other methods in 2004)
    6. How we complete each other.
    7. That feeling of stability - knowing I have support and encouragement to make my dreams realities.
    8. Not a day goes by that he will not make me laugh.
    9. We both are not afraid of new things and constantly find little ways to surprise each other maing our little routine more interesting ... I always have something to look foward to !
    10. Knowing we will spend the rest our lives together and one day look back at all the great times and memories we have shared .

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    Come on yall .. As spouses & caregivers we go through our own struggles .. I thought this thread would pick up pretty good for the reason that when having an emotional day its easy to focus on the negative. Perhaps this thread is being a little too personnal - my apoligies.

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    Okay, I'll bite - even tho both me and the hub are AB, taking care of our son.

    1. As my son's stepdad, he didn't have to step into the caregiver role he did. I don't know how I would have made it through this without him.

    2. He's been my biggest fan, as I've pursued my dream of cooking professionally.

    3. He and I share the same twisted sense of humor about the world and the roles we play in it.

    4. He was born with the 'Mr. Goodwrench' gene; and with our 150 year old house, boy does that come in handy!

    5. He treats me like a lady.

    6. I get flowers - sometimes for no reason at all!

    7. He is the most honest man I have ever met.

    8. Family is on his top 3 priority list.

    9. His ability to sense other's pain, and know how and when to deal with it.

    10. Last but not least - he puts up with my snits!

    PS - The personal stuff you all are just going to have to guess - my lips are sealed!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    First I have to say, he is not my spouse. He is my friend.
    My first thoughts of him.
    I love his amazing attatude about life.
    I love his innocent smile,
    I love his sence of humor, he always makes me laugh.
    I love his face, the way it lights up when I tell him something knew.
    I love his soft touch but also his aggressiveness, it can make you wild.
    I love his positive self confidence in himself.
    I love seeing the love he has for his dog.
    But most of all,
    I love how he makes my heart feel when I m with him.....
    Do I love this guy or what?

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    olossgirl, what could be "too personal"

    on a site where bladder/bowel issues are discussed so frequently?!

    Here's my 10

    He's smart, my God, he's so smart.
    He plays blues harmonica like a wild man.
    He usually remembers the things I forget . . . phone numbers, dates, pin codes.
    He's calm when I'm crazy.
    He says I'm a goddess!
    He shares books with me, and knows what I'll like.
    He laughs at my jokes.
    He's a perceptive, kind, generous dad to his daughters.
    He's stubborn about taking care of himself and getting well.
    and . . .
    He rules in bed. He's a better lover disabled than most men are with their full capacities, and I mean that.

    We're in our 20th year together, lucky, lucky me!

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    "He rules in bed. He's a better lover disabled than most men are with their full capacities, and I mean that."
    Kate I know exactly what you mean !

    "We're in our 20th year together, lucky, lucky me!"
    Can't wait for us to look back on 20 years!

    "He plays blues harmonica like a wild man."
    Kate, I wish my man knew how to play or even I did - I LOVE blues harmonica!!!

    and to those who played along thankyou - all too often we get caught up - I really thought this thread would pick up more then it did and do some good to those who actually took a few seconds to think about how precious our special someone is.

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    I dont have just 10 best things I love about my wife..She has been my whole life for 25yrs next month.She is my Love,my Best Friend,My Life!
    Happy Trails Stiggy

    "The Meaning of things lies not in things themselves,but in our attitude towards them"

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