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Thread: Happy Independence Day, USA!

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    Happy Independence Day, USA!

    From all the SCI-Nurses to our CareCure family:

    If you are not going to get out for a fireworks show tonight, here is an electronic one for you: Fireworks!


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    Thanks! Ours are tomorrow night after the Madison Mallards baseball game. Happy Birthday America!
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    HAPPY 4th of July!

    the best,
    J and NL

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    Happy Fourth everyone :-)

    By the way, I live right between two fireworks shows and the estimate for tonight is 200,000 people coming to my neighborhood. Every year they think it's clever to drive and arrive early, not thinking it out that everyone will be leaving at the same time. I have looked out the window and seen cars in traffic not move in hours.

    But another holiday has come around and I am here to see it, always something to celebrate :-)

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