Ahh yes, so how do you know when you have gotten back in to the groove of school? Well, I will tell you. The first clear sign is that the first weekend after your first week you spend the entire holiday weekend doing homework. Yes thats right, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were all spent doing homework. Saturday and Sunday till about 9pm, and Monday till about 6ish. I forgot how much I miss having no life, lol. Seriously though, I am loving the classes!!!!!! I am trying to figure out if I should get my Bachelors in music ed and go teach that way or get my performance degree which would take shorter and then get my masters which would let me teach college level which is what I would want to teach if I ended teaching. Anyway, just thinking out loud. I have an email into my advisor so hopefully he will read it and get back to me ASAP so that I figure out classes for next semester. Yes I know its only September but I like to plan things out waaaaaayyyyyyyy in advance, lol.