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Thread: Prescription for Wheelchair?

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    Prescription for Wheelchair?

    My husband would like to make an appt with the seating clinic at Shepherd Center, but he needs to have a prescription from his doctor first. He just has a regular family doctor so he is not going to know what to put on a script unless we tell him. What exactly should the script say? My husband needs a chair that is at least two inches narrower since he has lost muscle mass since his injury and the one he has now is too big. He needs a lower back (the one he has now is pretty high). He currently has a Quickie Ti that was paid for by our private insurance at the time. He now has medicare with our private insurance secondary. His current chair is almost three years old. I don't know if this will matter since medicare did not pay for this one. He also needs a new cushion. He is still sitting on the original one. My husband is very active, he plays wheelchair tennis and basketball, works part time and we have two young boys. He is in and out of his vehicle many times a day, does alot of transfers and pushes his chair many miles just living his life each day, so a lightweight chair is important. Any information on what the script should say is greatly welcomed. Thank you!!

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    Doc could write px, and co could take the measurements and order, my PT had suggestions such as cushion, which she used a graphed pad to see how my ishio's settled, other than that and big front casters as I spend alot of time outside. All the other measurements are kinda fitted to him with whatever you want, since you have had a chair for awhile you have ur druthers. So who ever sells ya the chair, can take measmts.

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    When I did this all my primary doc (who knows little about SCI) wrote that was I needed to be evaluated for new wheel seating due to changes in my functioning. That was it! The actual seating clinic were the ones who wrote everything up, who knew what was available and useful, and what insurance would pay for.

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    I too am looking to get a new electric wheelchair and also need a script for it. I was told by the wheelchair provider to give them my Dr.s phone number and they would call the Dr. and inform him of exactly what and how the script should be written.

    Maybe your chair provider could do the same for you?

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    I'm wanting a scooter, mainly so I can have an off-road life, but there are a million instances where I can't handle a sitch in my manual and my 4-wheeler ATV isn't allowed. Insurance hasn't bought me a chair since my original Ti folder, 8 years ago. (Long since retired. I bought another chair on ebay.)

    I could sure use suggestions too. The only chair ins. has bought me was ordered in rehab-they initiated the process. So now I'm completely clueless. How can I score a scooter? Get doc to say my shoulders are going to suffer?

    Any chance insurance ever pays for carriers for scooters, as well? (If not, I'll buy it.)

    Anyone want to recommend an electric carrier I can put on the back of my van, that will carry scooter or teeny ATV, depending on which I need in the circumstances? I want it to go up and down so I can get on and off by myself, and just transfer over to my manual when I'm done. Also need it to fold up when not in use, and swing away for access to back of the van.

    What's the scoop on power chair vs. scooter?

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    Just went through this with my mother. This is what the prescription needs to say:

    "Wheelchair seating evaluation to include evaluation of appropriate cushion, wheelchair configuration and features to maximize function and prevent pressure ulcers"

    The physician just writes it on a prescription pad and faxes to the therapist who will be doing the evaluation (be sure they have the required RESNA certification if it will be for a power chair or scooter). They will write up the entire evaluation along with recommendations, send it back to the physician for their signature, and then submit this to the insurance for prior authorization.


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    The degree to which you are helpful is consistently amazing, KLD. Thanks!

    How do I get hooked up w/ the therapist that will be doing the evaluation? Does the Rx-writing doctor choose him/her? Should that Rx-writer be a physiatrist, or will a GP do? (Takes forever to see physiatrist, altho I am overdue.)

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    Thank you, everyone for your help!!

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    Betheny, we actually knew the chair we wanted to get, and then got in touch with the local company rep & dealer, who did a demo and referred us to a PT they worked with a lot. Got her name and fax number and called my mother's physician, who then faxed the prescription (which I dictated to him as above as he was not a physiatrist) to the PT's office. We had an appoinment with the PT within the week, and the dealer actually came to the evaluation too. Got the presciption faxed to the physician the next day, and had the power chair (Permobile 400) in 6 weeks. Of course there were features not covered by Medicare, so still had a significant share-of-cost involved in all of this, but the chair is exactly what was needed.


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