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Thread: Need Live-in Caregiver in Lakewood, CA

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    Need Live-in Caregiver in Lakewood, CA

    I am seeking a live-in caregiver for my brother (age 46), who was recently injured (quadriplegic) while skydiving. He currenly has a morning attendant who provides the majority of his personal care, so this position is mainly maintaining his household and providing his meals. Please contact me via e-mail:

    Thank you,

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    Hi, Sue,

    While we're not really an employment bulletin board for aides/attendants, we do have aides who check in once in a while. You may want to let us know what part of the country you are in!

    We've also found that advertising in the smaller weekly papers has gotten more of a response than running an ad in a larger paper. Also, maybe place an ad on college/nursing school bulletin boards. Students are always looking for part time work! Or, if the situation is right and there is room, have you considered a live in?

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