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    Okay so anyone who has read my previous post knows i am writing a book... I need some help again .

    I am finally *after much hard work lol* at the part where the main character gets out of rehab and is going home. My question is what is it like going home after being in rehab for so long. What hardships did you overcome or what was easier then you thought it would be. I would greatly appreciate any detail!

    If you don't feel comfortable writing on here then please feel free to pm me or add me to msn or email!

    Thanks so much!

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    btw my msn is thought i should add that! Please comment back the feed back would be great!

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    Glad to hear you are still writing.

    It was wonderful, scary and exhausting to get home. It was a 3 hour drive, and my nurses had me terrified of getting a pressure sore en route, so I was doing pressure reliefs every 15 minutes.

    They had done some modifications while I was in the hospital (ramp, bathroom mods) so it was different.

    Not having nurses around was good, but also frightening, what if something went wrong medically? (It never did. ).

    I didn;t sleep well for a while .... worrying about turning and cathing at night, but that worked out fine in a few weeks.
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    I didn't get to go home or back to my apartment. I had to move back in with my parents after living on my own for five years basically so it was pretty rough for me. My girlfriend at the time stayed at my apartment and basically trashed the place while I was in rehab, and I'm pretty sure she was screwing around. I remember the trip there and how scary it was to be going to a completely new place without having the nurses around 24 hours a day in case I needed something. At rehab they basically trained my family on how to do everything needed to be done but it was still scary and took a while to be adjusted to. But I'd have to say the scariest was the first couple of weeks of living on my own and being completely alone for several hours at a time. I'm used to it now and feel wierd to have someone around all the time.
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    Thanks for the info!

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