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Thread: Wrong Cathetor

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    Wrong Cathetor

    When I was in the hospital in Oct 07 with my T10 incomplete accident
    a vistor asked why my bag had blood in it.I raise the head of the bed and looked under the sheet and found thy used a16fr cathetor and the insertion site had blood all over. I called the nurse And she put the right size in10fr.This was late at nite,the next day I had a bad UTI. I was put on antibiotis for the next 2 weeks.Iwas In rehad For 4 Months .

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    Welcome to CC. Sorry you had such a hard time in the hospital.
    I hope things are better now!

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    Hi Allen,

    I'm not sure but 10fr and even 16fr are very small diameters for Foley catheters. Most people use a 14fr to intermittently self-cath with. I think the averaged-sized Foley they use is about 18-20fr, though I could be wrong. Seeing blood coming out of that area can freak a person out.

    The most common cause of blood from a Foley catheter comes from it being pulled out while the balloon is still inflated or partially inflated. Sometimes this happens because a nurse will inject air instead of sterile water into the balloon... or the valve springs a leak. Or it just gets pulled out fully inflated. Ouch.

    There have been quite a few catheter and blood stories written about here. I have one of my own.... quite gruesome I might add!

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    UTIs can cause quite a bit of blood, I can say from experience. I suspect you already had the UTI and that's what caused the blood, not the larger catheter. Like Bob says, 16fr isn't really all that big, unless you have an unusually thin urethra it should be fine. My doc warned that using a catheter that is to small can actually damage the sphincter.

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    A 10 Fr. catheter is extremely small for an adult male such as yourself. For urethral catheters in both men and women, 16 Fr. is the correct size. For SP catheters, sometimes catheters as large as 24 Fr. are used.

    I would agree that you much more likely had bleed due to your UTI. It is amazing that the 10 Fr. actually drained with a hemorrhagic UTI as it would be much more likely to be clogged by clots. Otherwise, the UTI could also be associated with a traumatic insertion of the catheter, which can occur with any size. Was this the case for you?

    Did you have a question?


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    Bob I too had a tramatic problem at some time inhosp. Cath tore head, I don't know if it happened in surg, Which I now suspect as there was no blood in the area after I started transferring, and moving around.

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