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Thread: Keeping daughter dry(er) overnight - tips?

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    Keeping daughter dry(er) overnight - tips?

    Hello -

    I have an 8 year old t10 para. As she gets older and wants to do more sleepovers etc I need to help ensure that she can stay dry overnight.

    Parents what are some things you are doing? Are you waking up in the middle of the night to cath?

    We jut got back from Shriners in Philly (LOVE them) and they suggested limiting water intake after 7pm, cathing before she goes to bed (8:30pm) and then before we go to bed (11 - midnight) plus an dose of ditropan.

    Right now we are using just nighttime pull ups for bed. Anything better and more absorbent both in wetness and odor?

    I probably will have more questions but wanted to start with this.

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    Hi Iterenzi

    I'm sorry I can't help you with your question but I'm going to move your question to the Care forum perhaps you'll get more response there and welcome to CC

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    Why can't she do her caths by herself?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Liz321
    Why can't she do her caths by herself?
    She is only 8 years old, that could be why.

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    Is your daughter ready to cath herself yet? It is a big undertaking, but when she is ready and able to do it, she will have taken a big step towards independence. However, each child (just like with toilet training) is different and can handle these things at a different time.

    Limiting her fluid intake after 7 will definitely help as will the more frequent evening caths. Is she leaking in between if you do it at 8:30 and then at 11?


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    When I worked with children, we always tried to get them ready to be doing self cath before they started 1st grade. It is amazing what children can do if you approach it in a matter of fact manner. This frees them up from a caregiver for school, Scouts, camping, etc. etc. so they can be as much like other kids as possible.


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    Hi Everyone - thanks for jumping in on this!

    She has been cathing herself since 6 years old so that's not the problem. She caths at school and everywhere else she is able. We are there for help as is a nurse etc but she does it herself. She is fiercely independent when it comes to self-care. Very proud of her

    I don't feel an 8 year old is ready to wake up at midnight every night to cath herself right now. Getting up, going into the bathroom, getting everything ready would wake her up too much and I am sure we would just end up getting called by her to help at that time of night since she will be tired and groggy.

    We are going to try cathing her while asleep around midnight. Even if she stirs she will get back to sleep easier than getting up and trying to do everything herself.

    Would love to hear more thoughts, idea and tips. Are there some good alternatives to pull-ups? I will admit we have not looked into anything that may be more suited towards SCI or special needs nighttime "undies"

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    Hi lterenzi,

    It really upsets me to read about young kids who have to deal with this stuff. Sleep-overs should be filled with worries about what toppings to get on the pizza that jammie-clad giggling kids order, not how to retain nighttime continence in order to avoid embarrassment. Just trying to fit in. You are so right to be proud of your little girl's fierce independence regarding her self-care.

    If you and your daughter can't figure out a way for her to stay dry at night maybe THESE self-cath kits can help. Instead of her having to get up and out of bed to go through the rigorous cathing procedure during the night, with a little practice she could probably get the drill down while being half asleep. Since they have an antibacterial coating on them they should be a bit more forgiving during the grogginess of the wee hours (hey, that pun was definitely coincidental ). And they're hydrophilic so no additional lubricant is needed, saving another step in the procedure. She can tie the catheter in a knot to keep it from spilling and empty it at her convenience. They are expensive at around $6 apiece but hopefully your insurance will pay for them.

    Best wishes to you and your daughter,

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    what's wrong with wearing a plain white pull up under pj's? have her take her own plastic bag to dispose of it, and talk to the parent about getting rid of the "bag" for her to protect her dignity. They should be helpful, it is no secret that she has an injury.
    The parent can watch to limit fluids, have her cath before bed, parents could remind her at 9pm or you could call her. She could bag up a catheter too.
    good luck

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    Not really a help for sleepovers, but Bob is right on about nighttime cathing. There is no need for her to get out of bed. WHen I first came home I could ONLY cath lying down, and still cath in bed last thing before sleep, and first thing in the am, as well as if I need to in the night. I just keep the supplies, and a box of wipes next to my bed. Maybe you could continue like you do, waking her when you are going to bed, stay with her while she takes care of business, and tucking her back in.
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