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Thread: Living in the moment? (Or is this just another rant?)

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    Just reading & feeling with ya....

    I've still been reading posts here, and feeling with ya.
    I just had to reply to this...first of all there are opinions
    and there is opinionated!! When I was a caregiver this was
    the place to go, if only to read others, sometimes to post
    my own concerns/issues. There was always understanding and
    respect for what we were going thru. God knows, there were
    days I wanted to scream and holler and throw things, then
    there were such good days I'd well with joyful tears at having
    my son here, no matter.... 'Some days are diamond, and some
    days are stones...' Chris, I think, perhaps you may have meant
    to be positive but the more you wrote the deeper you got in
    the negative field. This is a Caregiving area with any concerns
    or issues. It is wonderful you have the capacity to do the
    things you do, but not all can/want to. But when you tell these
    "gals" that they are "oversensitive and wallowing in self pity"
    I'll tell you to kiss my ---! Sorry, but you have NO CLUE and if
    you do and still comment like this then you are bewildering. These women
    I have come to know thru their posts are vibrant, full of life, and
    devoted to their loved ones, however, there are days when we
    truly feel there has been a loss in our lives. It is okay, and
    possibly healthy for us to "VENT" here, that's what it is for,
    and that's why some of us are here, to help the others on those
    days that are "stones". So your opinion is fine, but don't
    become opinionated towards our fellow friends here, you'll
    be fired up on by those same "gals" I respect so much!
    'Don't criticize me, till you walk a day in MY shoes....'
    It is okay to consider ourselves too, while always having our
    loved ones in our minds and hearts. Linda

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    Texas hallelujah!


    It's so good to see you here again! I hope that in the months since Chad's passing that you have been able to find a few of those joyous moments though I know it must still be very very hard for you. I hope that you will continue to come here -- you're definitely still part of this family. And this is still a place you can vent as well. When you need an ear or a shoulder, you'll find them here.
    all the best,

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    Jackie, Martha, Obieone, etc. Since you've started a private topic I have responded privately.

    Mazey, agreed. The original first post was upbeat and positive. However, some saw it differently, hence the personal attacks. My response "wallowing..." was in direct response to those who personally targeted me from my first post. It was not meant collectively.

    The bottom line is that this forum should only allow caregivers. Maybe the administrators can add that feature because obviously the rest of us have no clue and our opinions, thoughts, views and perspective do not matter.

    C-ya. Enjoy your thread Martha. And to reflect on your previous comment, who's trying to run off whom?

    Fortitudine Vincimus
    (Through endurance we conquer)

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