I was wondering what is the best bladder management method for a
t12-L1 incomplete para with low bladder capacity? I have cathed myself for 22 years. In those years, Ive always had leakage issues as my capcity is low around 200-250cc. I am currently on a foley as Im having bladder stones removed (im having my last procedure next week). The last time he removed the foley, I had urine gushing out. He said it was due to the stone and infection and placed the foley back in. The foley stays in until the final stone removal next week. Im wondering when the stones and infection are gone and the foley comes out, should I and will I able to go back to cathing. What is the accepted standard for someone with my level and bladder capacity? Do paras at my level actually use foleys,suprapubics etc. long term? Would something other than IC be better? Again, the leakage is always an issue. I just want to be clean, dry, infection free and be able to have sex when I want. I am able to achieve erection, orgasm and ejaculate.