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old? at 65? wth? i know many in their 90's. here we go, they're too old, too disabled, blah blah blah. some hardly need a gentle push down that slippery slope; some never even see it until too late.
Cass, I'm 64 and have been dealing with a species of this attitude for a while now from a few members who consistently address me with "gramps", "coot" and the like, as though underscoring my age like this is supposed to make me defensive or depressed. It doesn't achieve either but it does make me reflect on what was likely behind these jabs and the most obvious answer is fear and the hope that by so relegating me to the land of "coots" they establish themselves as polar opposites and immune from the eventual ravages of age.

Of course age overtakes us all if we live long enough and I can't manage to feel much about this natural process besides a mild pride that I'm still here and fairly autonomous - and very lucky.