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Thread: I'm pleased to introduce NYS Spinal Cord Injury Research Board website

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    Thumbs up I'm pleased to introduce NYS Spinal Cord Injury Research Board website

    It would never happened if not a tenacity of my good comrade Mr. Richter. humble & modest NY trooper first in US introduced Paul Richter Bill in NY State taking surcharge for over speeding vehicles towards care and cure of sci

    I still wonder how he and Dave Whalen were able to convince NY legislators into first Bill like this in Us history and in the shortest term ever.

    Thank you real unsung heroes of cure!
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    Max, I don't know if you remember from pre-spinewire days but the NYS bill was one of the political activities that wasq done by Spinewire. A senior aide of one of the Assemblymen would let us know know if and when the bill was getting stuck in committee. We would then shower that committee members with emails. The emails would darken the skies of albany.


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