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I didnt get from your posts that you're a vegan too or I would have asked. Thanks, I'll take you up on it.
I'm not but like AlexAgain I found the book The Food Revolution by John Robbins a seminal read. Unlike her I came out of my waffling stage (I think Alex will try on and eventually come to a better diet) with a diet that has little place for red meats in it and includes lots of delicious fruits and veggies. Reading that book would be the first step I would recommend for you if you truly want to stop eating meat. I eat mostly seafood now and regard all the flesh from so called domesticated animals as "misery meat" (not mystery meat). I still eat some smoked pork once in a while but never without reflecting on the fact that by doing so I'm subsidizing the misery these poor creatures go through - living their entire lives in one of three tiny cages stacked one on top of the next. The pig has roughly the intelligence of the dog and a sense of smell that allows it to detect edible roots buried in the ground. Imagine the misery of such an animal made to exist as described so we can honor each christmas by giving the family pet dog special treats while the pig's place of honor is being a christmas ham.

Anyhow, there's lots more good reasons to stop eating meats and adopt a vegan or vegetarian diet and the John Robbins book covers most of them. I truly wish you good luck with this and that you keep us posted and that you keep asking about anything else your curious about.