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Thread: Kate's On Line Journal

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    Heh Martha, so glad you have stayed with us. I think once a member, always a member,one of those lifetime memberships. You know, I don't think we are ever meant to "get over it"; moreover, we really shouldn't want too, rather we learn that death is such a part of life. Our lives are always evolving, changing and now it is so very different. That phone thing...20 years ago my father died and we used to talk every night on the phone. I would catch myself picking up the phone to call and so finally, instead of crying when that would happpen, I went ahead and made the call. We had some terrific chats, I still talk to my Dad, every night(but not on the phone). Perhaps you will feel your husband closer than ever, his wonderful presence, as if he were a part of your very soul. Ya just miss 'em so much! I think it would be even harder after having cared so intimately for your husband. Grieving works in its own good time. Be patient, my friend, and treat yourself well. My mom started buying herself something special on Dads b-day, as well as her own. I am glad to learn you have returned to work, what a fascinating job that requires international travel.

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    Martha, you will always be part of us! And remember, it was you who started this topic, so you can't leave!

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    Thanks Marm.
    Drop me an e-mail when you have time --- wanted to write you but managed to lose most of my e-mail address book some way. Computers and I just don't stay friends for long.

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    Thanks, Scarlett~

    Bri has been making tons of phone calls, and she now has a list of three more apartments for us to check out...hopefully this weekend, or the beginning of next week. One of them has a roll-in shower (which made us both faint!) so we're feeling pretty optimistic.

    I hope we have half your luck!

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    Friday night--

    Hi, guys. Okay, I'm kind of sucking as a moderator on this forum, but my intentions are to improve radically this week.

    Martha, don't you dare go away! You're the sass and grit of the Caregivers screen, and we need you.

    Vicky, what news on the apartment?

    Jackie, we miss you!

    Starbuck's update: LOL! This week has been a complete rush. I learned to tend bar 30 years ago for people who liked to sneak a dollar beer or two at lunchtime . . . now I'm being a barista for upscale types who think nothing of spending five bucks for a milk-chocolate syrup-whipped cream-caffeine-driven lunch buzz. And, I'm supposed to be working hard at creating that special "Starbuck's experience" for every one of them.

    Today I did the completely dumbest thing.

    We have these whipped cream dispensers, see? And every night they have to be emptied and refilled. So, I innocently unscrew the top of one of these things without first squirting out the contents . . . can you picture what happened???

    Kate, with whipped cream all over her clothes, face, hair! Whipped freaking cream all over the twelve kinds of syrup bottles! Whipped cream all over the tasteful lighting fixtures! Whipped cream all over the tastefully colored walls! Spectacular mess!!! I could not stop laughing. I am not making this up.

    And how are you? Can I get you a beverage?

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    Kate, you're doing a fine job! And Obi, too!

    I'm getting ready to visit lilsis again; she's becoming my 'escape valve' for when I need to get away! When I first met her, I felt like we'd known each other forever, never mind the commonality of being caregivers!

    As far as my life, what a rollercoaster this year has been already! My plans for a food business are on hold for a while. Three ideas, all cut off at the pass by whatever, and felt the Universe was telling me to just pay attention to what was in front of me.

    So----I just landed a job at a fairly new medical transcription company here, working with trainee development on a huge account they just landed; nice bunch of women to work with, salary pretty okay, hours 7-3, which is perfect. So we'll see. I'm in the old 'one day at a time' mode right now.

    And I figured since I'm the only female in our house, which consists of hubbie and son, 2 male dogs and 2 male cats !!! - that I'm making my office my 'girlie-girl' sanctuary!! Repainted an old cast iron bed, got some beautiful soft net curtains with embroidery on them, and hubbie just painted the room a very soothing, pale off-green color. Flowers on the wall, Loreena McKennitt on the CD player, and I'm in lala land!

    Spring is trying to break through here in the 'Lowcountry'; my daffodils are starting to bloom, and you can see the azalea buds, so it won't be long - even tho it was below freezing last night!

    Martha, I'm dittoing Kate's message - how are you, and what's up???

    If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. - Mother Teresa

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    Marm - just thought I'd let you know we only live a few miles from where Loreena McKinnett grew up! She often comes home to visit! Her family are cattle people and her father helped establish an auction barn here where I live for farmers to sell their cows. Not selling much right now because of the mad cow hysteria! The U.S. border is still closed to Canadian beef. Last time she was home she was trying to help her brother figure out where they were going to winter their (many many)cattle since they weren't sold as they normally would be at that time of year. A real delimna for many Canadian farmers! I enjoy her music very much!!

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    I think we have some fine moderators here at "Caregiving"..

    We're going to check out the apartments next weekend, if all goes well. My work schedule got in the way..(hey, I'm not supposed to have a REAL job..when did this happen??)

    Anybody have any experience with invisible fencing? My girls have discovered the joy of chasing deer and we must curb this enthusiasm. Ideas/advice greatly appreciated!

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    So, I guess I couldnt stay away from you guys completely...I have been checking in for so long I feel like I have been missing my close friends. I have been feeling a little better was a little sad (ok, maybe a lot sad) recently. I moved out of our house, and have been looking for somewhere else to live. Everyday Im sad about what happened with me and my ex. I have found that even the SCI parts of life had become such a part of my life that I still find myself picking stuff up from the middle of the floor (with the thought that he may roll over them), or worrying about him all alone in the house....I worry about him a lot. I guess that will stop with time, but I love him...very much. Things just didnt work out, thats all. Anyways, enough ranting about that...I will be ok.

    SCI Mom,

    The invisible fence is a great thing. They would be great in your situation. At first I thought it would be cruel, but now I am all for it. It teaches very quickly that its a bad idea to go across the line.

    Good luck with the apartment search. I wish you luck with that. Im sure it will go well. Just dont settle (or at least find a property manager that is willing to work with you for accomodations). There are a lot of great places out there....just sometimes hard to find.


    That is so cool that you live near Loreena Mckinnett's family. I saw her in concert a few years ago...It was absolutely amazing.


    Good for you for making a girly place. Sometimes a place like that is just what a girl needs. It would be great to work like that.

    I guess thats all for now....thank you guys again for always being there for me. You are all amazing...just for being there. I hope you dont mind if I stick around for a little while...just until things are figured I missed you guys...


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    Scarlett, The bonds that are forged here go far beyond the commonality of SCI - you are part of the 'family', and welcome to the 'sanctuary', as Obi puts it!

    I've never had experience with the invisible fencing -I know there's also a lot of training that goes along with it. And I've seen tenacious puppies go right through it, if motivated enough!

    I saw a LM concert, too, and she's awesome! Her music just takes me away - got me through a very difficult time in my life, always wanted to write her to tell her about it.

    Everyone have a great day - any 'Oscar parties' planned?

    If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. - Mother Teresa

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