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Thread: Kate's On Line Journal

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    Oh Vicky~
    Someone dying sort of puts mystery gifts in perspective.

    If our letters are torn, they are wrapped in plastic with a note inside. Would have hoped the same for the packages.

    "A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles"....C. Reeve 1998

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    A word from a non-caregiver:

    I just went to see Return of the King. What Kate and the rest of you said about Sam touched me so much, but I was thinking "I'm sure as hell no Frodo." I had forgotten how very fallible (dare I say human?) Frodo is. There's a line in the movie, they're nearing the end, and Sam says "It's too heavy. I can't carry it for you. But I CAN carry YOU..."

    God bless you every one.

    C5/6 incomplete, injured Aug. 2000

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Betheny:

    "I'm sure as hell no Frodo."

    Well, hell, Betheny! You live inside the SCI thing, and we don't . . . but from out here, every last one of you seem to be just that full of courage and strength. Frodo didn't think he was anything special, either--he just knew he had to hang in with what had been handed to him.

    I could hardly stand those last few moments, when Sam realizes that Frodo can't live in the Shire anymore . . .

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    Hi all! Have been enjoying reading how everyone is doing (from here under my rock) and just now feel like I have the energy to catch you all up with whats happening in our neck of the woods!

    Mostly Christmas and New Years was enjoyable for our family....good weather (finally got that storm I was wishing for) lots and lots of snow now...ate tons of good food and enjoyed our friends and family's company very, very much. It was not without its moments however and anyone who has had any experience with homecare knows what I'm talking about particularily over holidays! I won't bore you all with details but suffice it to say there were some harrowing moments trying to fix dressings (no not the turkey kind ) ileostomy wafer glue , etc. etc. . But here we are on the other side having survived it all... again....Bill's wounds are simply maintaining, not worse, not better just in a continual state of being but hopefully now that everyone is "back to work" maybe we can get this all sorted out. He has a new Vac on both his pressure sore and his tummy incision and it is working well. We are thinking we might try to get insurance to help us buy one of the those super expensive air mattresses for our bed since he must be in it so much (and since our health district only has one in the whole region and is being used at the moment ) We take it one day at a time but I'm really starting to worry about the toll this is all taking on the girls especially Laure-Jane ... sometimes I think they are way to involved in their Dad's care and are left carrying around all the emotional baggage that goes with it ... I know you know what I mean! That being said they all still seemed to have had a great holiday inspite of it all and tried hard to be good kids so maybe I worry too much ! It was supposed to be back to school today but they have been granted a reprieve with a storm day because of the high windchill values (would you believe -45c) no school buses today !!

    All this being said I think the saddest event for us all in our family is the attempted suicide of one of my oldest daughter Julie's best friends on New Years day!! A beautiful, bright, intelligent, fun loving young woman (by all appearances) who has stunned everyone with her actions. We believe drugs and alcohol played a big part in it but I feel as sad about this as Bill's injury and simply don't know what to do with myself over it!! I wish she had known that what ever was in her mind she had a place she could have come to to talk .... Please send some positive thoughts or prayers our way for her family....might heart breaks for them all ..... We held a candle light vigil for her last night at our church and I think nearly all the high school was there trying to help each other sort things out - teachers, kids, parents.... I better understand the need for people to gather together at these moments! It seems to provide a much needed release of emotional tension that you sometimes don't even realize you are carrying around!

    Wish I had a happier story to share with you ... but in spite of all that's been happening in our life I still remain HOPEFUL ... for all of us ... and its because of you all that I feel this way ... we are in this together ... I guess what I learned this holiday season is that we are all injured in one way or another and we all need each other now and again to draw on for strength ....thank you all for the strength you have shared with me this year !

    My wish for you this New Year is all the peace, hope and love the universe can muster up for you .... and more ((((( group hug )))))

    P.S. Heck anything's possible.....we're on MARS for pete's sake!!!!!!!!

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    Marm's computer went kapoot. She should be back hopefully by tomorrow.

    Don't ya love technology?

    "A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles"....C. Reeve 1998

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    Originally posted by cheesecake:

    Don't ya love technology?
    Only when it works. She needs to feed the little people that live inside the computer better. Keeps them happier. I regularly spill things into my keyboard to keep them happy.

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    I am new to this site, and am glad that I have found it. In reading, I am different than most of you. I am a paid caregiver, coming into "my families" home 40 hours per week. I call them my family, because I am now a big part of their life. My coming into their home has made a big difference in the lives of the husband and young child. I think that it has had an even bigger effect on me. I feel very responsible for what goes on in their home, and often worry that my boss is getting the care she needs when I am not there. I often feel responsible for 2 households, going home at night to care for my 2 young girls and my husband. Caregiving is not a nine to five job. I had never done this kind of work before this, and had no idea what a difference you can make in peoples lives! I am glad that their are other people out there that know what caregiving is really like!

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    Obie - Look here in the Exchange forum; someone in December had a Clinitron bed for sale - you may want to check it out:

    Post re Clinitron bed

    And so sorry to hear of the attempted suicide by your daughter's friend. I hope she's going to be okay, and perhaps it was a cry for help, and now she'll get some. Thoughts and prayers your way for her.

    Re the wound healing, have you checked his nutrition lately? Vitamin A, C, zinc, and protein - LOTS of protein!!! Matt takes 120 mg of zinc a day, plus a heavy duty multi with extra C, and about 50-60 grams protein a day. And again, if they're clean wounds and have stalled, I know I sound like the sales rep, but Regranex and Promogran have been miracle workers for us!.

    Sweatpea - Welcome to the forums; it's good to have a voice from one who chose caregiving as a profession.

    Bernadette - THanks for the heads up re my @@)(*#@(*&$ computer! Yeah - ain't technolog grand? !

    Martha - I DO feed them - regularly - turns out it was the little spyware people who got in and ate all the food!

    and last but not least----------------

    WE CLOSED ON THE JERSEY HOUSE!!! FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST!!!!! I shudder to think what my blood pressure has been the last few days while waiting to see if it was really going to go thru this time!!!

    Love to all!

    PS - Just saw your post, Bethany - Yes, you are our 'Frodo's; a quote from him, 'I will take the ring, though I do not know the way'. You folks are living through this every day, not 'knowing the way', but putting your heads down and getting through it. We can't 'carry it for you', all we can do is help you along the way when you need it. Thanks for your thoughts, and know that the respect is mutual!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Jackie, as your Realtor I would have absorbed your pain, main reason I'm out. So very glad you are done!!!! Congrats!

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    Kath, unfortunately our realtor caused our pain at the end - turned out to be a total scatterbrain! Like in she said she'd have someone come in to cut the grass after we moved; now our grass in Jersey pretty much stopped growing in July when it got hot. Well,she had someone come in every week to cut it and we ended up with an $800 mowing bill! One of the few times I've seen hubbie blow up at anyone - she agreed to pay half the bill, admitted it may have been her 'mistake'!!

    And now on to better things -

    Pippin, The Story of a Little Cat Who Thought He was Big:

    Tuesday night, Pippin decided he wanted to see the world, and darted out the front door as hubbie was opening it. Hubbie darts after him (I'm upstairs asleep), over one fence into the neighbor's yard, which hubbie vaults over, sets the neighbor's dog off, which brings the neighbor to her door - "Just lookin for my cat, ma'am" - then Pippin climbs a six foot fence back into our backyard, and disappears. Hubbie stays outside with flashlight and Pounce for an hour, but no Pippin.

    Hubbie comes to bed; I sense a change in the Force, wake up, and he says, 'Pippin's gone'; out of bed in a flash, in the backyard in my nightie, psss, psss, Pip-Pip; no Pip-Pip; go to get another flashlight, come back, and hubbie is walking inside with Pippin in his arms. He was under the crawlspace of the deck.

    The other animals all come over to see where he's been - sniff, sniff - and then Pippin yawns, lies down on the chair and goes to sleep like it's just another night. Until---------

    The next day, Pippin has turned into the most affectionate kitty in the world; there's actually a different look in his eye. AS if he's saying, oh please, love me! I swear - he's following us around like a puppy - the minute we sit down, he's on our laps, purring and making nice!!!!

    What a critter this is! And I'm so very glad he's part of our house - he's brought a lightness into the house.

    And lives up to his name quite well, thank you!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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