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Thread: Kate's On Line Journal

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    We made it!

    Whew! We made it...beautiful West Virginia is already feeling like home. Hey..the living room has carpeting!! There were so many boxes in here, you couldn't see the floor!

    The only hitch...the moving van couldn't get up the was too steep and icy. So, these amazing guys loaded the SUV and hauled EVERYTHING up to the only took FOUR AND A HALF HOURS!!! What a cool Christmas present...I was afraid I would have to put things in storage until the next thaw. Truly a Christmas miracle, in my eyes!!

    So...I really should unpack more of the kitchen stuff, and help Brianna in her room, but I think I'm going to put up our tree and wrap some presents instead.
    We're dying to go see the new Lord of the Rings movie, but we've decided to watch the first one again tonight, and then maybe go this weekend. Saturday is my birthday, so that would be a great way to celebrate.

    How is everyone else doing? Any Christmas miracles to report??

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    Vicky, that's fantastic. Sounds like it truly will be a wonderful Christmas for all of you! And happy birthday!

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    We have just returned from my office Christmas party to a line of cars on the street. Our college age daughter returned home for the holidays last night, first party is tonight, sigh. Our 17 year old is seeing Lord of the Rings with buddies tonight, party here after. I am hoping we can get enough sleep to work tomorrow. Rain and fog is what we have tonight, guess I will end up with a sleep over which is far better than worrying about these kids on the road.

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    Saturday night, house quiet--

    So, last night we three went to the airport to get Bruce at 11:30 pm. He's the last one off the plane, naturally, and the place is crammed with Christmas travelers, long lines of cars going into the parking garage. Girls in their jammies and slippers, as if they were toddlers and not teens, schlepping through the terminal in search of daddy. And there he was, dear as ever, wheeling toward us with his walker on his knees and a SLC Paralympics baseball hat on his head.

    At home an hour later, the dog climbed right into the back seat and laid his big head on Bruce's chest, which would be a lot sweeter if he didn't have that nasty dogbreath thing going . . . finally asleep about 2 am, and spent the whole day today recovering and watching dumb tv and going to the movies.

    I made red beans and rice for dinner . . . Heather picked out the "hunky" things she couldn't identify, Emily ate only rice, Bruce poured on the Louisiana hot sauce very generously . . . and afterwards we saw about 15 minutes of video of him on the monoski, including a couple of scary crashes, lots of nice turns, some wonderful snowy scenery of the Wasatch Mountains, and a final clip of him with his face in the snow, growling like the Sasquatch. Question is now, what am I doing here, and not in bed where I belong? Answer is, okay, I'm going.

    Hope you're all well . . .

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    Monday morning....last chance to get some "business" done before the holidays. Bri has a doctor's appointment this afternoon; we are beginning the quest to find a new primary care doc here. I'm not sure if it's the holiday spirit, but people are so friendly here! We're settling in, a few more boxes have been unpacked (I still can't find my soup pot!! This is driving me nuts!!) and the tree is up and decorated. I think I'll make cookies tonight; I almost enjoy the warmth of the kitchen and the smell of the cookies more than the actual taste. (However...I'm a sucker for the dough!)

    Kate, I hope your Russian Rachmaninoff thing goes well tomorrow; I would LOVE to hear that!

    Martha, thanks for the birthday wish. We did go see Lord of the Rings, and then out to dinner. And as for a great Christmas...I think so. Bri and I have agreed that the peacefulness here is the best present we can receive this year.

    Kath, you asked me a while back if I'd gone white water! Not yet. But I have to say that I love Cincy! My folks have good friends that live there, and we've visited often. You live in a great town.

    Merry Christmas, all!

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    Vicky, Have a Merry, Merry first Christmas in your new home! Baking cookies in the throes of unpacking - girl, you ARE organized!

    And the same to all - My hopes for you all is that the holidays and new year bring you all peace and joy.

    It's 8:30 here, Christmas morn; Matt and hubbie still asleep. I've gotten dinner prepped so I don't have to do it later in the day! Reorganized my earring tree (to make room for any 'new' ones that might appear! ). Finished proofing the final draft of hubbie's book, which will be available as an E-Read book sooooon. Looking out the window at just a dusting of snow so far; it's beautiful, all white and clean and peaceful, and three deer are just now coming out of the woods into the yard.

    Finding myself a little melancholy this year; if things go as planned, This will be our last Christmas here in our little cottage of the past 10 years. I'll miss it sorely, as it is truly the 'hobbit hole' I've always dreamed of. But greater adventures await in the sunny South, I'm sure!

    Speaking of hobbity things - has anyone seen the 2nd Lord of the Rings? Saw it last week, and thought it was awesome. I LIVED in those books in the 60's, and to see the characters come alive on screen just as I had imagined they looked, is truly amazing. The detail that Peter Jackson, the director used speaks to his own love of Tolkein's epic. And what better thoughts to convey on this, perhaps the eve of another useless war, than the concept of brotherhood and freedom, and loyalty, and friendship.

    Peace to you all. Merry Christmas. Jackie

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Jackie! Speaking of organization -- at 8:30 a.m. your dinner is finished, you've proofed hubbie's book, and reorganized your earring tree! I had barely found the coffee pot to turn it on at that hour. I certainly understand the melancholy, but I hope the excitement of whatever new adventures you are embarking on will offset those feelings of loss at what you are leaving behind.

    Frankly I'll be glad when today (and New Year's Day for that matter) are behind us. I used to be a total Christmas freak -- decorated every room and all of the outside, baked for weeks, entertained, shopped, wrapped, the whole deal. Now I can't believe how depressing it is. Now it's all I can manage to get a tree up because HE wants it (I think he thinks it will magically make me blissfully happy). Thankfully it will be over soon. I think this year all the Christmas decorations are going into a garage sale!

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    Merry Christmas!

    To you all! We are having the Real White Christmas here... How'bout you Vickie?
    There wasn't a snowflake on the ground last night...then we woke up this morning ....and it's everywhere and it has been snowing the whole day long! I love Christmas w/snow! Hope everybody enjoys the Christmas.


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    A White Christmas!

    Krajaxa...yes! We too had no snow at all last night, and woke up to those huge, fat flakes that are so pretty...when you have no place to go! They're saying we should get 8 inches..and I think we will. It is gorgeous, and so perfect for Christmas.

    Jackie, Martha's right...YOU win as THE most organized woman! I'm with Martha; first you get coffee, then you breathe, then...well, then you can begin to think. I think we all have bittersweet Christmases at times, don't we? Where in the sunny South will you find yourself next Christmas?

    Martha, I'm sorry your holiday is lacking cheer; that's not a pleasant way to spend Christmas I know. I hope next year brings you many better, brighter things.

    Hope everyone's holiday was peaceful, joyous, and full of happiness.


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    Martha's Christmas

    I hope yours will be better next year. You deserve good Christmases. Not Hollywood schlock Christmases, but good ones with people you love and not too many expectations and requirements. My personal good holiday guage? Lots of smiles and hugs. Now I have to go, the oven's on fire. I mean really-flames. We'll laugh about this next year! Betheny

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