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Thread: Kate's On Line Journal

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    We are planning on buying Chevy Silverado with extended cab for hubby, so it's going to be very interesting to see him getting into it as well. But I believe he will be able to manage it... Still trying to find a good deal... And he doesn't incline to the seat adaptations or lifts... But we will do it... I'm definitely calling tomorrow to set him up for classes... Plus he was told today by two of his w/c friends how independent they feel...

    The wheelchair race went really smoothly on Saturday. Caught up with some friends and met new people. Even the weather stayed perfect at 75 with no humidity... Didn't get hubby to do the race, I forgot they changed it to 10km this year. If his chair wasn't falling halfway apart, I think he might have at least considered it. The new one should be here in about a month and supposedly he should be getting his recent one fixed (frame defect?).

    Seems like everybody is staying busy.
    Matha, hope you are getting better; Jackie, it might take the pets few days to adjust to new environment; Obie, wishing your hubby speedy recovery; and longing that everybody else will find some time to enjoy a bit of this summer...


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    Obieone, bile is good LOL Wait til they start charting his, um, windbreaking episodes. (Not something we've ever had to do with the bf, but I've seen it at work.) It looks like we're gonna miss summer this year- flap surgery has been scheduled for the 30th, then at least another month, maybe two, before he's up and around fulltime. I do believe I've earned a night of drinking, just have to find the time....

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    A recap of my week - home alone with Matt while hubbie's at aikido camp (it was our instructor's 50th anniversary in aikido, so his presence was somewhat mandatory!).

    Hubbie left Saturday, Sunday and Monday were relatively good days; contractor still here - we're convinced he has adult ADD!), Matt displaced from his room because work was still being done there. Tuesday am discovered his Permobil hadn't taken a charge the night before, and Matt had also somehow locked up his laptop; couldn't get it to do anything. Contractor in my hair, my employer calling and asking - nicely - just when was I going to be able to get up to speed? Cat managed to get locked in the attic - he opened one of the attic doors and it shut on him; we could hear him meowing, but took me an hour to figure out where he was! The fluorescent light in the kitchen (is SO on its way out - I can't stand them!) started buzzing and blinking, and I'm not tall enough even on a chair to fix it; so did kitchen stuff by the stove light and sink light! Tuesday evening contractor still here, with two doors to hang which he had told me before would only take an hour; at about 9:30, he said it would take another 2-3 hours to finish and did I want him to stay? NO! Told him to pack up, hubbie would finish the work, I'd had enough!!!! Didn't get to sleep til after midnight after getting Matt settled in.

    Wednesday - fairly quiet, especially with no contractor. Located a Permobil repairman, appt. Friday am. Laptop still not working - will have to wait til hub comes home; Matt getting frustrated without his computer. Thursday, helped Matt unpack more boxes and start to get his room organized. No Bm for Matt Thursday night, but didn't think too much of it; seems to be his pattern every once in a while. 3AM Friday morning, bit thunderstorm, and our big brave macho Gus was shaking and panting in my bed for two hours! Finally just got up at 5. Repairman here at 9 am Friday; something about the plug not making the connection; he talked with the Permobil folks who said it would be two weeks to get the part; I got on the phone (Grrrrrr) and said that was totally unacceptable, dropped the regional sales rep's name, and the part was overnighted! Repairman will be here Monday to replace. Called the bank in NJ to close Matt's checking acct - they want a notarized letter before they can do anything! Also called our bank in NJ re some mortgage questions; the change of address that I had put in the last week of June hasn't shown up yet; so more letter writing, finding the box with the fax machine in it, and forging hubbie's name to get the address corrected! Another big T-storm in the afternoon, with Gus acting like a total whus! Don't know what happened to make him like this during storms - this is new behavior.
    Friday evening again no 'production' from Matt; told him he's just waiting for hubbie to come home, who usually does his evening routine! Oh, and the garbagemen didn't pick up the trash on Thursday because I wasn't using the 'acceptable bin'! Now I have to lug it BACK from the curb, transfer it into the 'appropriate' receptacle, then lug it back out next Thursday. Saw a copperhead in the yard in the afternoon - fortunately they're not very aggressive, and usually just slither away.

    Vicky, I miss my deer! We do have wildlife of sorts here - but it's more like a miniature Jurassaic Park - little chamelion-like lizards called Anoles, all over the place, and a skink, and at least two geckos; lots of birds, a beautiful pair of doves in the back yard, and after the rain a blue heron was sitting in one of the magnolias in the back yard.

    Well, that's all the news from Lake Woebegone! Hopefully things will begin to settle in this week, and my head will stop spinning long enough to get organized!

    Love to all, Jackie

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Take 2 aspirin, a box of Calgon, 1 tub of hot water, a glass of chilled white wine, 1 boom box, favorite CD and call me for instructions! Kath

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    Now, if I could just find the box where the Calgon and CD player are!!!!!

    Hubbie's home - cartwheels of joy! - so at least the pressure's off, and I can relax a little!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    A beautiful, sunny afternoon...

    Just right for a drive to Morgantown, which is what Bri and I are doing today. We're going to spend the night, and then tomorrow she has an appointment with her advisor for WVU, plus we have a hot tip on an apartment we are going to check out. Right now the only thing standing in her way (as far as starting school this fall) is a place to live! The dorms are full; apartments are scarce; wish us luck! She started this whole process late, because she wasn't sure she could do this with her increased pain. BUT...the pain is better, she's continuing to drop oxy (yeah!!) and she's ready to go! She was accepted for fall term, so it's just a matter of finding housing. Accessible housing. Sigh.

    Jackie, Jurassic Park? You crack me up! The puppies, who now sound like little ponies when they gallop across my front porch, are beginning to bark whenever they see a deer. They are growing so fast! But they are SO much fun!


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    Monday, almost 5 pm, hotter than anybody likes it--

    Well, probably SOMEBODY likes it 90 degrees, but us cool-rainy-climate people think this is torture. We went on vacation! And Bruce and I were both sick for most of the week, but oh, well. I've totally lost my voice from coughing, which normally wouldn't be that big a deal . . . except that we were at a camp with all our rock'n'roll friends, and one of my favorite things to do there is--you guessed it--SING.

    That didn't happen this year!

    Still, I taught a few line dances with the Dixie Chicks as background, and we did our famous Monty Python Dead Parrot/Lumberjack skit for the talent show, and we swam in lovely Lake Coeur d'Alene every day, and yes, we stayed in a cabin with no bathroom and managed the whole freaking week with no accidents or incidents.

    But we were awfully glad to get home again.

    Emily got braces put on her teeth this morning.

    I think I have an agent interested in my book! She liked the proposal, and said today: "Since I read the first part of your story, I can't stop thinking about you . . . " I'm trying not to get too hopeful. But it's hard!

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    The search continues...

    Our best bet on an apartment isn't available until near the end of September, a full month after classes start. So...we went to Applebee's for lunch and talked and talked and TALKED...

    Bri's decided to start classes in January. This will give her months, not weeks, to find a good place to live, get moved in and settled, and THEN throw attending classes into the mix. Given all the factors involved, I think it's a wise decision.

    But I can tell you all here that, my heart aches for her. She doesn't complain, but it was so hard for me to see her change her plans yet again...postpone her life yet again, because of this damn, DAMN SCI. I had such a melancholy anger inside, watching her navigate around campus, looking for ramps...watching kids either smile and say hi, or look away...or glance out of the corners of their eyes. I hate this so much. I don't think I can even put it into words. I deserve a frickin' Oscar for my performance...

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    Melancholy anger......what an apt phrase. The few months difference now will seem long, but, looking back in a few years will be barely memorable.. And, those college kids looking out the corners of their eyes? I think college students are the most accepting group of people Bri is ever going to come across. She'll find her niche, whether it's in the middle of a group of rowdies, or with a small group of close, forever friends. Yeah, it sucks bigtime, but remember to give her credit for the strength to make her way in this, her new world.

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    Scimom, my heart is breaking for you and guess what? I have similar feelings watching my children in new experiences. I think it is hard to seperate what is normal kid stuff verses how much is because of what has happened to your child. The same for your own reaction to everything. Hopefully Bri will understand as she begins this new adventure that even the most perfect looking, popular young woman standing next to her has misgivings and uncertainties, whatever these may be. Your Bri is going to have an awesome experience and so are you because you are amazing women! Wonderful things happen to amazing women because they make it happen.

    Our lives are such a mix of happy and sad, brave and scared, optomistic and jaded that we often have no clue of the image we project to the world. SCIMOM, people will have such respect and admiration for you and your daughter that they will look for ways to be included in your lives. No worries, my dear she will have all the normal college experiences you wish for her, I promise! Trust in the intrinsic goodness of others and you will be delighted. No Pollyanna here, not to say there won't be totally awful, dismal moments and days, but heh! that's life! Fortunately age is not a factor in college. My daughters favorite new person is her 70+ year old professor in London.

    I think we will always mourn the losses in our lives, what used to be, what could have been; dammitt, what should have been! Likewise, we all know we have to move on to that other place, the place where we accept what is and make the most of what today has to offer!
    ((((big hug)))) Kath

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