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Thread: Kate's On Line Journal

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    Marmalady's post was sent to me by my mom. The following is from a card I received.

    In the beginning God created the world and populated it with Children
    .......and after a time,He looked down and said, "Heavens! his place is a ZOO!!
    .....So he created Pets
    ....and after a time He looked down and said,
    .......So He created DADS
    .....and after a time He looked down and was ASTONISHED!!!!!!!
    to see the whole works GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL IN A HANDBASKET!!!!
    .......SO HE CREATED MOMS.....................
    And after a time the Lord looked Down and said
    ............THIS IS GOOD !!!!!...........
    Happy Mothers Day Everyone!

    "Don't worry about the world coming to an end today.
    It's already tomorrow in Australia!"----- Charles Schultz

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    All right, my meltdown is starting! Dealing with sellers who can't make up their minds about closing date (finally got that resolved when I said if they wanted to close before 30 days, they'd have to pay my plane fare! All of a sudden, they were perfectly willing to wait!); dealing with 'buyers' for our house, who say things like gee it's neat, but why don't you remodel the kitchen? It's a freakin 150 year old house, and HAS been remodelled to make it look like a spiffy 150 year old house! Gimme a break! and things like gee, the new house with more sq. feet down the street is $50,000 less - duh, yeah - it's ugly, won't stand up to a good storm, and has no property, and backs up to a highway; where we have 2 very private aces and a strong house that's withstood everything for 150 years! Ya just can't please some folks; we know that whoever buys our house is going to walk in, and just fall in love with the 'quaintness' and the property, especially now that the trees are just dripping with wisteria!

    Oh, and had my first confrontation with SC Medicaid yesterday, who told me it would take 60-90 days to get approved, and that we'd just have to buy his meds and docs appointments til then!!!! Called our caseworker here who thought that was absurd, and told me to call back and ask for the supervisor - who gave me a totally different story, asked intelligent questions, and said she'd have approval for us within 5 days of our move there!

    ANd starting to call docs to get them all lined up - physiatrist, urologist, and neurologist are the biggies - and playing phone tag with all of them. ARRGGGHHH!

    Oh, and trying to gear up my medical transcription at home, so by the time we move, I'll be full time and eligible for benefits. And of course I have University Hospital in Newark, NJ, so the reports are not just your tonsillectomies and gallbladder surgeries!!! I love the challenge, but it is trying sometimes.

    Thanks for letting me blow off steam, folks! I dream of boxes..........and packing tape.

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Hang in there! I know how stressful home sales are. You might want to inquire about an Escrow closing or assigning Power of Attorney to your Realtor, he or she could be you at the closing, so you would not need to incur travel expenses.

    I am excited to share with you all that I am embarking on a new career officially beginning on Monday. I am transitioning out of Real Estate these next 2 weeks, working obscene hours right now. I am returning to the fundraising business (for an income, instead of volunteering). I will be calling on high schools in the Tri state area organizing fundraising sales of the Entertainment coupon book. This is the first time I have returned to Corporate America since 1984 and will have a salary and excellant benefits. It was a nerveracking interview process, haven't done that since 1980. But here I am! ready to go! Hope everyone is well.

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    Kath, super congrats on your job! I know waht you mean about going out into the 'real' world again! Somehow, people's petty little gripes just don't seem quite so serious anymore, do they?

    Re the power of attorney, that's actually what we'll do if we don't sell or close on our Jersey house before we move. But I do want to be present at the closing for the buy.

    I feel so lucky that we have two great realtors working for us, both for selling our home and buying the new one. THey're both going the extra mile; our guy in SC spent 4 hours in the seller's house Saturday with our contractor, while he was taking measurements for the modifications! He's given me bank names, utility co. contacts, all that stuff that you don't think about til the last minute; and, as a present, he (in lieu of the flower he says a lot of the realtors give buyers) is going to have the house rekeyed for us! What a guy!

    How are the rest of you folks doing? Busy pulling up dandelions?!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Hi all~

    Rainy, yucky morning here! I'm going to try and show you all what's been keeping us busy for the past two days! Isn't she a sweetie? (I hope this works!)

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    Too, Too Cute! If puppies and kittens and babies could only stay two months old forever!!!!

    Are you going to do service dog training for her? What's her name?

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    I'm not a caregiver but I HAVE to post this:

    WHAT AN ADORABLE PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks, LindsayS...she is adorable! I kind of wish they would stay little and cute too, Jackie...but I'm really looking forward to seeing what she's like as an adult. Her name is Liebchen, but we call her Libbie.

    Service dog? I don't think so. I just want to get through the next few weeks without having her eat our couch! Brianna has talked about a service dog, but seems a little undecided. (Now a service CAT would be right up her alley!).

    She's been very good, all in all. My new "bible" is the book on training dogs by the Monks of New Skete. I like their methods very much, and since they work with German seemed like a good place to start.

    What's new with everyone else?


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    Service cat - hmmmm. I did see a show on Animal Planet that showed a service monkey! Pretty neat - a little capuchin(sp) monkey, working with a guy who looked to be pretty high quad; the monkey was changing CD's, putting a dish in the microwave, and washing the guy's face! They do pretty extensive training - foster them out for two years to 'potty train' and learn social skills; then 3 years training for specific tasks before they go out in the field. Wonder how restaurants feel about service monkeys?!!!!!

    Hubbie and I got to go out to dinner last night, thanks to Matt's aide; first time in almost a year!!! Went to our fave Italian, had yummy food and just a chance to relax for a little bit. Then back home and on the phone with the contractor for an hour, doing last minute changes to the mod plans!!!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    We just got a new doggy too!!

    It must be Spring people seem to introduce dogs into their households more this time of year! Ours is a Shepherd cross we got from the Humane Society, we call her Shady! She is very smart but still only about 7 months old and just full of beans!

    What is the method of training you are refering to SCI Mom? I don't think I know of it and am interested in all methods of dog training(is there a website I could go to) as we are trying hard to train her too! Our Shady is very similar colouring as your pup only much bigger . . .

    By the way I'll let you all know Bill is still in the hospital and probably will be for a few more weeks! He is getting good care however despite my efforts to nag them about skin care he still managed to get a small sore on his butt! They're right on top of it of course but it is frustrating! He has been without food for a couple of weeks and they only started the supplement in his central line this past week so he was at a real disadvantage I guess! (low protein levels etc.).

    Does it sound bad to say my girls and I have used this time away from their Dad to bond with each other alittle ?? It's not that I'm glad he is in the hospital (I'm not at all ) but it has provided us an opportunity to catch our breath in some odd way!! Do you know what I mean?? It helps me to block out of my mind his pain and discomfort somewhat. If I let it I think it could consume me! (Now I feel guilty for even having the thought - damn SCI)

    Take Care all!

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