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Thread: Kate's On Line Journal

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    Vicki - Yes, I absolutely do hate stuff like that!

    Martha - Don't worry, we were laughing at ourselves too, by the end of the day!

    Cheers to Bri! And to the great work being done at Craig!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Hubbie spent the week calling basement guys, to get estimates on sealing the walls and helping us figure out what the *&#*@(#&@ happened with our sump pump.

    I spent the week at the bank getting a home equity line of credit for that,plus a couple other small repairs before we put the house up for sale, and paying off the credit cards. The interest rate we're being given is the ridiculously low rate of 3.75%!!!!!!

    If those of you who own your homes have CC debt, it may be worth some investigating with your bank. Our CC rates were 9.99%, so we'll see a substantial savings by paying them off with the 3.75 rate.

    On a totally other topic - I just finished my 4th month working as a medical transcriptionist at a children's rehab hospital. Some of the stories just absolutely break your heart. They do rehab for all sorts of disabilities/trauma, and also do a lot of outpatient work with ADHD kids, and learning disabilities. I have to remember to leave the job there when I walk out the door - otherwise I'm afraid I'd find myself being a foster mom to about a dozen kiddies!

    It is totally amazing how some of these kids adapt, tho - The sight of 3 and 4 year olds zooming around the hallways on these little stander wheelchairs (think chariot - that's what they look like) is just too precious!

    Hope everyone's doing okay with all this weather - it sure has been a wild winter! We laugh when we watch the weather folks on Weather Channel - they're sooo glad to have something to do!!!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    My latest update involves my divorce; if the gods are smiling, it will be FINAL on March 17th! I can see the headlines: "Irish girl gets divorced on St. Patrick's Day! Good omen?"
    This means another trip to Michigan for my day in court. I can't believe, in roughly two weeks, all this BS will be OVER! What a crazy year it's been...


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    Ah, Vicki - a wee bit of Irish philosophy fer ya -

    May the light
    always find you
    on a dreary day.
    When you need to be home,
    may you find your way.
    May you always have courage
    to take a chance,
    And never find frogs in your underpants.

    Good night, ladies and gents, thanks for listening!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Great News Vicky! I know it will be a huge relief to get all of that behind you. And you're right -- looking back this has been one interesting year or so. Not always good, but definitely interesting! Something tells me that the combination of people on here could write a book that no one would believe!

    I think we got too complacent having had several decent weeks in a row. Got our comeupance (is that really a word?) this week. For a week now he's had the worst burning in his legs that he's had since the accident and I've had the flu from hell. So basically no one to take care of either one of us very well. Guess this is what old age is going to be like. I knew we should have had a bunch of kids who would feel obligated to take care of the old folks when the time came!

    How do you handle it when your "mate" decides to tackle a project and you know that they really can only do about 15% of it so it's one more thing you have to do? He decided last week to start painting the woodwork. Yes, it needs it. But, he can only reach up about 4' and honestly can't bend to do baseboards very well. So that leaves me to redo baseboards and do the top halves of the door frames. And of course after doing the woodwork, you see how dingy the walls/ceilings are so that will have to be done too. ARGHHHH. It is amazing how different our priority lists are. It seems not all of us slaves have been freed yet.

    Oops, gotta go get his b'day cake out of the oven. It's his b'day and Texas Independence Day. As a kid, he thought they got out of school for his birthday.

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    Martha - Just put him in the Hoyer lift, and jack it up as high as it'll go!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Thanks, Martha. You're right...that book would be unbelieveable, wouldn't it??

    And Jackie...Leave it to you and the Irish!!

    It's cold today, but sunny. I can imagine spring just around the corner..and none too soon. I'm ready for some green! 'Course, that brings to mind spring housecleaning....blechhh!!!

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    Monday, March 3

    Ah, my neglected friends! I love checking in here and finding you living your lives.

    Happy Birthday to Julian. I have to say, if Bruce decided suddenly to paint the baseboards I'd know that aliens had taken over his brain. He is the most un-house-project-doing man on the face of the earth, now and before. My only hope for getting him to do anything used to be to go ahead and try to do it myself, making such a muddle that he had to fix it. This was not always an effective strategy, mind you. There are still a few muddles here and there that we just live with! Martha, hey, maybe this is the tactic Julian's deploying on you! He wants the thing done, knows perfectly well he can't manage it, starts it anyway so that you'll be forced to finish it. Sneaky devil.

    Are any of you besides me actually writing a book? God knows you could . . . mine is slowly coming together--too slowly.

    Friday is accident anniversary #2. Guess what we're doing? Going skiing, of course. He's getting pretty adept on the monoski. That's where he is right now, down near Mt Rainier practicing with this guy named Jeff Goodman who builds sitskis for the paralympc champions. We'll all take the day off school, plus his dad and one brother are flying here from Minnesota, and the other brother is driving up from Salt Lake City to witness the great return to the site of the crash. It's way the hell up on the side of a mountain in the Cascades! Pray for me, I mean it. My skiing is, uh, not what you'd call graceful!


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    Kate, Julian says thanks for the b'day wishes. Actually you might be on to something with the painting. Pre-injury, a paint brush didn't fit in the man's hand. I did ALL the painting. He was a contractor but NEVER painted.

    I decided to keep a journal and write a book when Julian was injured. Unfortunately it was so depressing because I was so depressed that I gave up the effort. At that point I couldn't see any of the humor -- even the dark humor. Bruce & Julian's accidents were pretty close. Our 2nd ann'y will be 3/24. Don't think he'll go back into an attic to "celebrate" or "conquer the demon" though! Good luck to all on the ski trip!

    Vicky, when it starts to "green up" forget housecleaning! No one ever went to their grave wishing they had cleaned house more. (The only time I think that is when I have to call EMS in the middle of the night and the house is wrecked.) Think flowers and fresh home-grown veggies and long walks in that beautiful countryside instead. A good book under a beautiful shade tree. ANYTHING but house cleaning!!!!!!!

    Jackie, don't have a Hoyer lift, but there are a few things I'd like to put him in sometimes.

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    Kate - What a wonderful affirmation of life it's going to be, to spend that awful anniversary skiing!!! Just - don't you dare break a leg - remember we all have a date in May!!

    Vicki - Hubbie and I were just a little earlier saying we can't remember a Jersey winter this cold - we've been here 12 years. I'm wanting some green, also - went out yesterday to Home Depot for yet another sump pump - we've burned out two - the basement guys are coming this week!!! Anyway, while at Home Depot, I bought a pot of gorgeous French yellow and red tulips, and a little wee pot of miniature daffodils, to put on my windowsill. My 'hardy' bonsai are starting to bud out, so I know that spring is on the way - somewhere!!!

    Ahhh - Martha - I was talking about putting him in it to paint!

    I kept a journal of Matt's first month in the hospital; it's still hard to read. But it is good to have when we want to reference things, and I was smart enough (ha!) to write down the names of all the nurses, docs, aides, etc. who were involved in Matt's first care. Some of whom we still communicate with. One of the residents has Matt's picture posted on his fridge!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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