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Thread: Kate's On Line Journal

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    It is sunny and my black gloom has departed. I don't know how many more of those I can survive!
    Thanks for the words of encouragment.
    My son was bringing an ourdoor penguin display down from the attic garage and it came apart and bonked me right on the forehead! Maybe it helped?

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    Hey! Good to hear from everyone:
    Martha, Texas again? Pray tell, you tease. I miss your humorous stories and quick wit. And, of course, I'm sure we are all thinking of Dogger, he was such an integral part of the gang. After ten years, I can't even think what it would be like to not be a caregiver.
    Obie, here we go again with another northern winter. If I remember correctly I passed you the pipe last, so you best find that sucker. How's Bill doing? I've kinda worried about you since you haven't been posting as much, but then none of us have been as prolific as days of old.
    Jackie, I owe you a phone call but never sure bout the timing, we seem to operate on different schedules. Say hey to Matt and all the critters. I'm always forgeting to ask you which rules the roost, the Maine coon or the shepard?
    Chick, thank you, OMG, I turned sixty this year, what a turkey. But we managed to party hard, starting with champagne, cake and good friends and ending with turkey, wine and pie. It will take time for a full recovery, find that pipe, Obie.
    Kate, great job keeping us current on the conference, I trust you managed to grab a beer betwixt all that typing. Are you still empty-nesting? Cool car, by the way.
    Bernadette, I noticed that you aare transitioning into a chair and bet you are missing Peter's advise dreadfully. Are you down to only one kid at home now? Still working where you used to?
    Linda, hang in girl, when in doubt always sit, have a glass of wine and send your thoughts somewhere else for a while, or go shopping. This can be a very isolating life as a caregiver but it gets easier with time or with senility in my case. I'm sorry he is having pain, hopfully it's a transient thing. I'm itching to remodel something, that always gets me in my happy place, absolutely nothing like a little demo to get rid of frustrations! Debra

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    Bernadette, I noticed that you aare transitioning into a chair and bet you are missing Peter's advise dreadfully. Are you down to only one kid at home now? Still working where you used to?
    Deb~ Still have 2 kids at home, the oldest is in his senior year and the youngest just started 6th grade (he missed a yr from the pulmonary issues).
    Still at the same job and expect that I will be until the day I die---which seems like it will be sooner than later.

    I now need a caregiver for a number of things (mostly safety issues) and it is not an easy transition. I got knocked with some non-sci neuro issues that are just not resolving. Reminded me that life is fragile and don't take anything for granted.

    I miss Peter for a number of reasons, Deb--but not necessarily his advice, lol. He and I talked a lot about making the transition from walking to chair--I am glad we had that chat but do wish I could continue the talk. I do wish I had access to that sweet Aussie chair of his though and the ease of access to getting it.

    Glad you dropped in. A very belated happy birthday!
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Hi all,

    I run a complementary, but not replacement, board for caregivers at another site. This board is private and invitation only; I am the moderator/owner of the board and I approve (or reject) all applications for membership. It is a much more honest and open place than this forum because out of necessity, this forum is geared towards those with SCI and it can be hard, even sometimes inappropriate to air caregiver woes here. I can imagine that it would be hard to read the problems and frustrations of us caregivers if one is in a chair. So, if you'd like to join us there, there are 15 of us currently, and all are carecure members (some active here, some not), please fill out the application form at this link - please read the information at the top of the page and be sure to include that information in your application.

    Obie, I hope that you'll not delete this post because although it does advertise another site, it is NOT meant to replace this forum at all. I think that both my forum and this one are tremendously helpful and here especially I know that I really rely on the wisdom of those with SCI to help with my perspective and they often have great advice due to their own experiences being a recipient of care. My board is more for venting and discussing more personal needs very specific only to caregivers.



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    Hi Ami - Inviting carers to visit your site is perfectly fine with me - in fact I've directed people over to you myself .

    I do take issue with your comments in reference to this forum being a place where we can't be as open and honest. The private Caregiver forum was created for exactly that reason but I still find most carers continue to share their feelings and ask questions here on the public forum. I like to think its because people feel safe here again and because maybe between Kate and I we've been able to cultivate and maintain a certain level of respect here. It's a good thing because when everyone is allowed the opportunity to become involved in the conversation it provides us the chance to see an issue from all sides - and that can be very enlightening for all of us. But - if someone ever needs a quiet place to go and release a serious rant or share a more intimate problem - the private forum is always available if that's their choice.

    Caregiving is a unique place and seems to go through cycles where it will be somewhat silent for a period of time and then suddenly - becomes a beehive of activity - it mimics the ebb and flow of our lives I believe. Anyhow - I just wanted to take this as an opportunity to remind everyone we do have the Private Caregiving forum if ever there is a need and I wish you all the best with the continuation of your forum Ami - the way I see it the more options we have the better.

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    I also have days that I feel overwhelmed and hopeless. But, just as you've experienced, I've noticed it is never permanent. Now, when I'm in a bad spell, I make a point of reminding myself that life will look different (likely better) soon. All the things that I manage to worry about never fully materialize. And when I "survive" situations which in fact are dire, I'm reminded that I am a strong woman - capable of more than I can even imagine. And you are too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilsister View Post
    Kate, great job keeping us current on the conference, I trust you managed to grab a beer betwixt all that typing. Are you still empty-nesting? Cool car, by the way.
    Debra my dear, I thought about you & Jim so much in Phx . . . sometimes the conference feels like a hall of ghosts to me, b/c I'm hanging out imagining that so many of my CC friends are about to walk/roll over and say hello.

    I love the mini! It's stupid to love a car, but I totally do . . . it looks like a big toddler hightop tennis shoe, and it goes like hell around curves and up hills.

    Our girls are grown, yeah. One married and working as a games-tester (in French, which was her major) at Nintendo, the other looking at her last year and a half of college. She's planning to spend the final 6 months in Grenoble, close to the Swiss Alps, so she can ski.

    I think of your calm and beautiful house often ~~ if you really need a remodeling project, I have the mother of all messes right here for ya.


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    Just a quick hello to everyone! A snowy day, and while checking my email, I see I have a new private message from someone at CareCure. What a blast from the past!

    So here I am, checking out my old home here at Caregivers. are you and Bill? Kate, your girls are all grown! Has that much time really flown by? I saw my first post, just over 8 years ago. Incredible. Brianna is well, still living on her own, job-hunting with shiny new bachelor's degree in hand. She is coming home for Christmas next week, and I can't wait! The big news is: this spring, she wants to learn to drive again. Sweet Jesus. I'm incredibly supportive, but inside, I say Sweet Jesus. A LOT.

    Deb, and Bernadette, Martha and many of you that I'd love to hear from!
    As always, you all are in my thoughts, and I hope the coming year brings us all peace, and blessings, and a cure.

    Vicky/Sci Mom
    "God warns us not to love any earthly thing above Himself, and yet He sets in a mother's heart such a fierce passion for her babes that I do not comprehend how He can test us so."
    ~Geraldine Brooks, "Year of Wonders"

    "Be kind...for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle."
    ~Philo of Alexandria

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    Sending love your way! It is so good to hear about Brianna, college degree and all. Seems like just yesterday you were unpacking from Michigan to WVA.

    Now we need Kath to drop in too.

    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Thanks, Polish spammer, for bumping this post. Another day for nostalgia!

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