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    We are holding onto our night out to see the Neville Brothers and Dr. John in early February to get through these days. It has been bitter cold with lots of snow again this year, I can just hear Dogger saying Why do you live there and shaking his head. Deb
    Hey, woman! The Neville brothers and Dr. John would get even me through a Wisconsin winter . . . glad to hear you two are well. Give the jimster a squeeze from me.

    Vicky, thanks for popping in to wake us up! It's wonderful to hear from you.

    Um, Jackie? Martha? You out there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheesecake View Post
    Hey Lilsister: Been trying to get in touch with you but no replies to my email. Can you possibly send me a PM or email at my job.
    Big hug to you and Jim, I have been wondering about the 2 of you.

    Thanks Lil'sis. Big hug to the two of you.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Be happy for us!

    Finally - Matt has been approved by the HASCI program here in SC, it's a medicaid waiver program for head/spinal cord injured. We've gotten 28 hours of RN !!!! care per week, and the agency has hooked us up with a terrific nurse! We get 4 hours a day in the morning, and she does all Matt's 'function's, BP/shower/dressing/exercising; so all we have to do at night is get him into bed. We had to change around his BP to the mornings, but it's been 2 weeks of that now, and absolutely no problems with it at all - no accidents, no getting constipated.

    This is going to be a huge help to us, and even tho we still don't have free time in the evenings to go out or whatever, some of the 'care' duties have been shifted and maybe we can work more on just being a family with Matt. Oh - the program also covers DME that Medicare/Medicaid won't cover; all his chair repairs, supplies, etc. Woopee!

    Want to say hello to all - just because i don't post doesn't mean I'm not 'around' .

    And Obie - picture me, too, giving you a hug. I remember how I felt when Matt went through the forever stint with his wound and I know how you feel. Some days you just have to put your head down and walk into the wind. And not think about tomorrow, just what's right in front of you.

    As to what I've been doing with whatever 'free' time I've had - spending it with my beautiful girl Caili! Gotten involved with the dog club regional chapter, am in training to become a Shiloh Shepherd breeder, and Caili is on track to have her first litter in spring or early summer! Check out her website:

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    Hi Marm ..... wonderful wonderful news!! Now what on earth will you do with all that extra time !! It's so nice to hear a good news story now and then.
    Thanks for the hug .... I won't lie we're still waiting on some test results but we've been down this road too many times and its getting old .... its such a catch 22 .... on the one hand you don't want to let sci keep you down and not try things but at the same time you don't want to do anything that risks an injury that makes everything worse. If Bill didn't go deer hunting every fall in his mind he may as well be dead but everytime he goes we end up dealing with something and it usually involves his skin !!

    It's been an extra cold .. extra long winter .. can you tell ?? This week the weather has improved significantly so I'm hopeful once again .... looking froward to a new crop of lilacs!!

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    I am soo happy for you , you were long overdue some relief.

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    Jackie, how cool is that!!! That is so excellent, and an RN, wow. This will give you more time with future puppies. And now we know why you have a bigger sunroom, for the pups! Oh, Pippin will have to look out! Say hey to Matt for us.

    Obie, it has been a long winter and this is the time for the doldrums. Has Bill ever tried a tilt powerchair? It really helps with butts. Now don't forget to pass that pipe back, we have to get ready for the concert on Wednesday!

    Kate, what the word on Bruces eyes? Deb

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    Thumbs up Where is SC?


    Southern California or Carolina?
    Jake's Pop

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    South Carolina

    Deb, she's working out like a dream - like one of the family. Has the same wicked sense of humor we all have in this house!

    We're so excited about Caili's pups, and crossing fingers breeding and whelping goes without a hitch! (You know how it is - there are mutts being bred all over the placed, but try and get 2 purebreds together, and cheesh, lol!)

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    I have never been a caregiver, so perhaps I shouldn't post on here. I just wanted to say that I am missing Dogger more and more. I am trying to put my sorrow into something useful though. I am currently working with the CRF's New England chapter to hold a benefit dinner in Dogger's memory. It will be held at and they are hoping for it to become an annual event. He had a few pet projects that I am trying to get the money to go towards, as well as the research that he was so passionate about and to which he was so committed.

    His kids are still doing well. They are almost 13 now. I am trying to draw strength from sorrow and do something productive everyday. Even if it is a little thing...I won't stop, and just because I am no longer with someone with a SCI it doesn't mean that I have forgotten everything that I learned, or the people that continue to have to deal with a curable injury.

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    Oh, well----

    After being with us for a week and a half, the RN decided she didn't want to work for us. Sigh. I don't think she really could make the transition between being 'nursey' and being a PCA, even tho we talked about it extensively before she started. The agency also had discussion with her about it (or so they said).

    Easy come, easy go, I guess. I'm so far beyond even getting upset any more. It just PMRO that I have to spend 4 hours of my day training someone who then decides on a whim they don't 'like' the job.

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