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Thread: Kate's On Line Journal

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    BTW, not sure where to ask this so I"ll ask here. I tried recently to update my profile, but some of it is cut off when I look at it. Anyone know what I"m doing wrong?

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    I read through some of this thread again last night

    and had a brilliant idea

    how about we have an online anniversary party for the online journal thread?

    in a coupla weeks it will be 4 years old--i think that's the record for any thread in these forums by far--

    here's how this might work--we all agree to check in during the week of December 5th, and we have to go back and find at least one favorite post from earlier in the thread.

    we take the juicy bits and paste them into a new reply--to remind ourselves how far we've come, and to help new people get caught up with all that's gone before

    this place really did keep me sane in a way that nothing else could have--that was clear to me, reading my own desperation and confusion rising out of the screen . . . i don't want that to be lost

    what say?
    marm, you out there? cheesecake, dogger, chris, chick, betheny, kath, martha, debra, obi, ALL of you whose names my aging brain is unable to come up with right now?

    let's party.

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    Dancing On the Ceiling

    I am in. Mine will easily be the kitchen ceiling, ROFLMAO. Sorry Bruce, but you have come a long way baby!
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    I'm so in on this idea Kate! When I have more time I'll peruse the thread .... although makes me a tadd nervous .... so much time has passed .... it kinda scares me !!

    ~ Be the change you wish to see in the world ~ Mahatma Gandi

    " calling all Angels ...... calling all Angels ....walk me through this one .. don't leave me alone .... calling all Angels .... calling all Angels .... we're tryin' and we're hopin' cause we're not sure how ....... this .... goes ..."
    Jane Siberry

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    Kate , I'll drink to that ! Actually I am right now , it is beer o'clock here [well will be in five minutes , but who cares] . Though I won't be able to pick a favourite story , unless I can find somewhere my plans for ''Dogger's correctional centre for SCIs who don't appreciate their caregivers'' . Or was it ''Dogger's pleasure centre for female caregivers who are not appreciated by their SCIs '' ? I was always [still am] impressed by the humour , dedication and loyalty of the caregivers here towards their SCIs , no matter the pressure or adversities that the ogre of SCI threw at them .
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    Every day I wake up is a good one .

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    I'm here, Kate. Been a really rough year here.

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    I'm in! What a great idea, Kate. I'll never forget how this forum made me feel safe when nothing else could.

    Marm, I'm absolutely clueless re how you've been doing. I sincerely hope the rough patch is behind you though. It's not like what you needed was a rough patch.
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    Email me and let me know if I can do anything to help, even if it is to simply listen. Is Matt holding his own with recovery right now? Does he have a TEVO? One way to catch all those football games.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Quote Originally Posted by marmalady
    I'm here, Kate. Been a really rough year here.
    So sorry to hear that . . . you're the person I think of when people are discussing how to live well and honestly and bravely no matter what. If I can be helpful, please let me know how.

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    Sounds good, Kate. As a matter of fact I remember clearly reading this thread on a past Thanksgiving cooking session, so now I'll go through past posts this Thanksgiving. The excitement I had of finding kindred souls was such a help at a distant, desperate time. We are so isolated by these injuries at times, but here there didn't have to be explanations or rude questions -just a gentle humor and camraderie. I have wondered what has happened to some and hope that they are doing well. I'll get the pipe ready, who's bringing the wine? Deb
    P.S. I'm hoping Martha will come out from behind the rock also, her humor and strength have been missed.

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