cheese, link worked.

You know, I really do enjoy the sense of true and genuine friendship among you here.

martha, I know you asked how I've been and what's been happening in my world. I haven't ignored this, but am hesitant to share much that is too personal about me or my life on these forums (except personal sci related info relevant to a topic) - some due to violation of personal trust experienced here, as well as the attempts by members to take what I post to try using against me. Even if it isn't anything that would hurt or affect me much (since I'm purposeful in not posting anything public that would), simply the knowledge of these attempts is indication of what members here often do (even those some may consider trustworthy). Example is just in my last post in here even, where we regard this Journal as a place of solace and relative peace amidst a lot of the madness that go on around us, my post was immediately cut and pasted into another thread to use as attack. Some others have even gone as far to save a post I made a while back, they THOUGHT was my expressing depressive thoughts and contemplating suicide, and together with a little group of members try to use it against me through private messages to me. Of course, I wouldn't be so dumb to post publicly something like that, but just the attempt itself tells me what some members will resort to.

Despite this, I know these forums can be and have served as a wonderful and supportive community, especially for many who have had no other means of support. For most, who do share personally intimate details for advise and support, the community often is there to offer it. I am still glad when I see that. It doesn't have to be my personal experience to appreciate it.

ok, enough of this early morning ramble...

btw. Kate, never knew you were writing a book, let alone finished it! Wow, look forward to it coming out