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Thread: Kate's On Line Journal

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    Stacey, We gave up on personable a while ago - competent and trustworthy is where it's at! Most of the home health aides in our state have an average 5th grade education -scary, huh? especially when they're going to be dealing with a mid-level quad with a brain injury!

    You know, girl - if you came to our 'weekend', he'd HAVE to be by himself for the weekend and take care of things!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Marmalady, that is scary. I bet it isn't much different here. Trustworthy would be a good thing. I did home health long enough to hear so many horror stories that I can't stand the thought of having someone in my house. I'm really hoping that I can get family and friends to help out for that month. Once school is out, my son will help him out during the day. He sees Joe's favors as no big deal. He's looking forward to being with Joe this summer! Some kid I have. I wish that the other five were just as helpful.
    I wish I could join you for the weekend, but as I said I will be with the choir group(all of those fourteen year olds). I'll be the one sitting with my back to the door. I remember all too well what that age was like!
    I hope to meet you at the next one!!!!!


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    Thursday, March 20 6:50 pm

    I spent the afternoon in my yard, despairing over all the moss and dandelions growing through the grass, moving some lilies from the "starter" garden by the fence to the front yard, pushing the old hand-mower around and around. I never touched the flower beds once last spring, which means I have volunteer mint, buttercups, and candytuft everywhere, choking out the tulips . . . probably too late to worry about now. The lilacs have tiny leaves, but no buds yet.

    7th-grade daughter made it on the club soccer team after years of effort! 9th-grade daughter currently agonizing over whether or not she can get to be a cheerleader. . . tryouts in two weeks. My own adolescence feels like a million miles and a hundred years off in the distance. I still can't figure out how to tell what "offsides" means in the heat of a soccer game!

    This morning I said goodbye to the most amazing therapist . . . a sweet guy named Michael who took me on when Bruce was, like, 3 months post and I was out of my head with stress and grief. This guy has kept me honest and sane and even laughing for all this time. A very bittersweet moment, because I'm simultaneously so glad and so sad to acknowledge that I really don't need him now.

    I listen to the war news in tiny snippets. Troops on the ground, okay, Saddam on TV, right, George on TV, yeah . . . I really hate the way all the news people are broadcasting from over there. I keep getting this image of the world thinking we're all over here chomping on popcorn and enjoying the video of bombs falling.

    How fare you all?


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    The plumbers were here, we have new sump drainage pipes; the masons were here, and lathe and plastered all the old stone walls in the basement to 'leakproof' it. Looks nice, but not the same as the old whitewashed stone!

    Looks like I'll be going to Charleston the 1st weekend in April to househunt! After checking airfares on such late notice, plus seeing the mess at the airports on the news, plus being decidely hinky about flying right now, I think I'll drive! It's about 12 hours, but with a flight time of 5 hours, and airport stalls of up to 3 hours, it'll be about the same amount of time anyway. So me and my trusty little 'Freddie Forester' will be on our way!

    We've seen (via the web) about 15 houses we'd like to look at, so it'll be quite a weekend.

    Kate, My yard's a mess, too, and I'm seeing little bits of green, also - primroses are coming up, and all my chives and tarragon in the herb garden; my little 'weeping pussy willow' is budding out, as are the maple, birch, and elm bonsai. Lilacs are budding, and my little flowering almond that I just planted last year, that was completely covered!

    Mint - oh, my! I have mint coming up 30 feet from where I originally planted it; learned my lesson, and will now only plant it potted, to keep it contained.

    The war - shock and awe? More like, 'oh, my'. Bush is ruining US relationships with the rest of the world in his attempts to be the biggest gorilla on the block. I actually heard a diehard Republican say the other day that they hoped the stock market really tanks, so people won't re-elect Bush! What an unbelievably misguided man. There was an article in Newsweek talking about his 'come to Jesus awakening', and Bible quoting, and feeling like he's on a mission from God. Sound like a jihad? Scary, scary, scary.

    How's everyone else? Crawling out from under the winter 'rocks'?

    Oh, Kate, I was a 'soccer mom' too! We always loved watching the real little ones play - the comment like 'rats running after cheese' was made quite often! The parents got a real education in the rigors of soccer when the coach and team challenged us parents to a game! Of course we lost!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Well, I'm back in Wv after a very rushed two days in Mi. Bri and I drove down on Sunday; Monday was devoted to getting divorced, which I did. The court appearance went smoothly, and my ex-husband was incredibly decent. [BIG sigh of relief here].

    Tuesday was spent determining that Brianna does NOT have an allergy to lidocaine, or any topical anesthesia, for that matter. Also, more papers to sign re the divorce, people to visit, and a session with my financial advisor-guy. Whew! We then drove back Wednesday so we could hit doctor appts. on Thursday and today! Thank God for caffeine!!


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    Glad it is a wrap Vicky..welcome back. Springis appearing here, soggy grass is becoming green, Little League practice begins in a week(there goes my life)and the daffodils and tulips are breaking through the ground. The buds of the daffodills can be seen but haven't bloomed yet. All this and a small patch of snow beside it. I have been restless for the winter to end so that I can go outside again. I am planning my next round of flowers for the front garden as well as enjoying the war weather.
    Spring fever has arrived with a vengence.

    "Don't worry about the world coming to an end today.
    It's already tomorrow in Australia!"----- Charles Schultz

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    Vicky-Congratulations! Have you worn out the Dixie Chicks CD yet?

    Can I cry to you guys? My old and very dear friend Patti pulled a Jimi Hendrix on hydrocodone. She was without oxygen 15 mins, and EMS revived her. Now she looks like she's asleep, but has 5% brain function. Her husband is 15 yrs. younger than her, and only 5 yrs. older than her kids. He's not wanting to let her go and there's no reason he should be mature enough to make a decision that would tax Solomon. I can't tell if she's in there. I mean, she looks good. My heart is broken. I wish if God wants her he would just take her, so no one would have to live with their decision re "unplugging". All she did was a boo-boo; she had a major dental infection that hurt. AAAhh jeez...

    Other family dramas too. Not to mention a war. At least Yukon OK isn't Baghdad Iraq.

    Thanks for listening. For one of the only times in my life, I'm almost too upset to verbalize.

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    Betheny -- So sorry to hear about your friend. That's so horrible for her and for you, her friend. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Vicky -- glad to hear all went well in MI. I guess Tuesday truly was the first day of the rest of your life! May it be exactly what you want.

    Jackie -- good luck on the house hunting! I hope you have a wonderful trip and find just the place that is perfect for you!

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    Thanks, everyone

    Glad to be back and single. I went back to my maiden name, so now I get to change my name on everything...

    I envy you folks working in your yards. I'm out working in the yard too...helping to dig up the septic tank! Ugh! Modern life is wonderful as long as it WORKS! I won't go into details, because I like you guys too much, and someone could be eating lunch right now... Have you ever noticed that this stuff always happens on a Sunday?

    Betheny: I'm keeping you and your friend in my thoughts. What a difficult thing to go through!

    Martha: I seem to remember your friend's mom being very ill. I hope things there are okay. (Keep hubby heating up those lunches!)

    Jackie: House hunting sounds like fun (especially to me, today!). Good luck!

    Cheesecake: I LOVE seeing spring flowers by patches of's such a hopeful sight!

    Okay, back to the great outdoors. At least it's keeping me away from the TV.


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    Saturday morning...and another sunny day! Rumor has it we might see snow after midnight tonight, though. I've been busy all week, and am looking forward to a RELAXING weekend! I want to go to the movies..just can't decide what to see.

    Bri has another UTI, poor kid, and hopefully will feel up to going along. She also has homework due by tomorrow night, so she might bail out for that reason as well...

    It's been pretty quiet, ladies, NEWS! (Or gents...Russ??)


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