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Thread: Kate's On Line Journal

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    Another quiet Saturday

    I stood at the living room window this morning, sipping my coffee (aka The Elixir of Life) and watching eight deer graze through the snow for their breakfast, right by the front porch. Did I mention that I love it here?? The sun was trying to come out, but I could see a bank of clouds heading our way over the mountain tops, and sure enough, it's cloudy again today.

    My new bedroom furniture was delivered yesterday; I can now take my clothes out of boxes and put them in honest-to-God drawers...what bliss! Sometimes it's the little things that really thrill me. soon-to-be ex has gone to Texas for a long Christmas vacation! (This means he's not calling me every day, in case you were wondering.)

    So...Jackie? Martha? Kate? Anyone out there? Oh, and....BETHENY!!! The stove??? Hellooo!!!


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    Hey, Vicky - I thought the 'deer in the snow' was my line! Aren't they beautiful?

    Did you buy a house, or is it a rental? In the country? I truly do love W. Virginia, though I've only travelled through it a few times. My absolute favorite place in the world is in the Smokey Mountains, a place called Maggie Valley, right outside Cherokee. When I go there, I feel like I'm 'home'.

    I've spent the day purging the fridge of Christmas and other growing organisms, and a grocery shop to replenish, then a visit to a great clothing store that's going out of biz - 70% off! I was good, tho - really I was!

    We'll be moving to Charleston, South Carolina sometime early this summer if all goes as planned. Lots of life changes for hubbie, Matt and me! I lived in Charleston 15 years, it's where Matt grew up and where hubbie and I met. we're just basically tired of the Jersey rat race/Soprano mentality, hubbie's parents are right over the border in NC, and Matt has a lot of friends still in Charleston; plus, my oldest son lives there, too, so both my 'chicks' will be together again. Just seems like the right thing to do, and the right time to do it.

    Anyone have NYE plans? Ours will probably be a bunch of appetizers, and a rented movie!

    Uhhhh-Bethany - Care to share your oven story?!!

    And my dear, dear, Martha; I keep forgetting you're still in the throes of the 'firsts'; first year post, first holidays, etc. It does get better, I promise. Our first Christmas was just 6 weeks after Matt's accident, and it felt more like a funeral than a celebration. I promise you will find some peace, my friend!

    Let's all hope that the new year brings peace, and joy and renewal to us all, all over the world! Jackie

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Texas hallelujah!
    Jackie, not that it matters, but this is our second "Happy Holiday Season". He'll be 2 years post in March. And to think, it only seems like a million years ago.

    Betheny, I can relate to the burning oven. A vew years ago I decided to try a new triple chocolate dessert and didn't realize my spring-form pan was leaking. Ended up with about 2" of chocolate "batter" on the bottom of the hot oven. Being stupid, I decided the quickest way to get rid of it was to turn the oven to the clean cycle. BIG mistake. Took two days to get the smoke out of the house. Not to mention that horrible burned chocolate smell. GAG.

    Vicky, it does sound like an idyllic setting. Congratulations on being one of the lucky ones that escaped.

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    Vicky, it was wonderful to read that your daughter is going onto college. I know how important this is to you both. Is she going to live on campus? Please keep us posted how she is doing. You may recall our daughter is at Indiana University. Though she is a business major she frequently calls or e-mails with requests for my SCI resources. Speech class provided opportunities to talk about stem cell research. She also described Dads weekend (which included mom) and all that was involved going to a football game on campus with her Dad. She made it her humorous speech, go figure!

    Hey Martha, holidays are almost over! New Years tends to be my least favorite. Used to be so hard to get a babysitter, now I worry like mad about my teenage drivers. Hope your husband starts feeling better soon so you can get a break. All these complications really wear you down. It's so difficult when you go from one "crisis" to the next without any end in sight. What exactly is Alpha dog? My brother in law was trying to "alpha" our 6 year old malti-poo. I tried to tell him it was hopeless. He claims it is never too late.

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    Saturday night

    Yikes, it's taken me forever to get back to you . . . feels really good to check in and hear these details. Jackie's shopping, Vicky's unpacking, Martha's down in Galveston . . . snow and deer and Christmas.

    We sang the late service on Christmas Eve, accompanied by violins, cellos, and trumpets--so many musicians crowding the front of the sanctuary, there was hardly room for the choir. Before Bruce got hurt, he was always in the very top row with the baritones. When he first got out of the hospital, I'd bring him to church and he'd sit out in the congregation next to me in his wheelchair, nodding off and drooling over and over while I tried not to care.

    About 6 months post, he started spending his Sunday mornings back in the choir, except in the front row with the women, because he couldn't get back up to his own section. Sooooo, about a month ago, he was FINALLY able to negotiate the four steps with his walker and make his way back to the top row. (His injury date is March 7, 2001--must be close to your husband's, Martha--) ANYWAY, this year when we arrived, there was, like, NO WAY for him to get to his spot. Plus the musicians had snagged all the music stands, which he needs to hold his music, having only one hand that works . . . in the end, it all worked out. He got up there, we sang, they played, the lights went down, the church was full, the candles were lit, noel, noel.

    That was Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day, my insane sister and her 18-yr-old son came over to hang out and make sushi with us. My sister is seven years younger than me, and she has never been well . . . it's so weird to be with her and watch her feeling sorry for herself in the presence of my daughters and my husband. She has no physical problems at all--perfect health and a head full of shit. Unbelievably weird.

    That night, finally getting to bed, Bruce had himself a bladder accident at about midnight--all set and in the bathroom, exhausted and trying to get the catheter in, when suddenly, boom, a little spasm and he just geysered all over himself. I was in our bed, listening to him shout, F#$@!!! Then he started throwing stuff all over the room . . . and after a bit of that I joined him, tossing pencils and magazines from my own night table at the wall with huge energy! Scary. Part of me was hoping the girls were asleep and not about to come in and see what was wrong . . . they didn't, thank God.

    So, that's part of the news. More tomorrow, I hope.


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    Relaxing Sunday least that's what I plan to do today. We had a Christmas gift exchange party last night, there is tons of leftover food in the fridge, lots of cookies (yummy!) and I managed to clean everything up last night. So hopefully, couple of hubby's friends stop over (they couldn't make it yesterday) and WILL gobble down some of the leftovers (thet LOVE to eat) and I can have some quiet time and peace. Maybe I should go and do some shopping ...

    We got couple more inches of snow last night... I love it! Our dog has been diving into the piles of snow on a side of our driveway again.

    And I can relate to you martha, this was our "better" second Christams (April 11, 2001) also. The last one was w/UTI. This time he was entertaining everybody around just like he always used to. to you later...


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    All this talk of snow........

    has me wanting to travel. In all my life I have never seen a real snow storm. (It did snow back in 1970's here in Houston, but only about an inch on the ground. I remember my Mom was so upset because we used all the snow in the front and back yard to make a snowman):> ) Steve had planned to take me on a winter trip in 1999, but then the accident happened.

    This year for Christmas Eve, I had planned to fix a turducken (Don't ask), and a big dinner. Well, on December 23rd, we had a big storm come through with 70 mph winds...knocked out our power until late on Christmas night. So instead of our big dinner, we had red wine and pistachios. Luckily, I keep a large stock of candles on hand, so we had about thirty of them going and took the chill out of the air. It was actually a nice time. I also discovered that even a messy house looks good in the dark by candlelight.Though I can honestly say that I never thought we would have to use our Husky dog to stay warm through the night

    Russ Byrd

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    Russ, aren't turducken's an amazing feat of engineering? I still marvel that they can put it together that way. If you and Steve ever need a place to crash, the guest room is always the only room in the house that is clean and you're welcome to it any time!

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    It's so good to hear from everyone!

    We're having a peaceful Sunday as well; more deer, sunshine, and trying to pick a DVD to watch this afternoon. Bri has a sinus infection, bronchitis, and could be working on a UTI...too many wetting accidents for her peace of mind. Of all the BS that she goes through with this SCI, wetting accidents drive her mad. Sigh. Needless to say, she's feeling wiped out today.

    Saturday is her birthday; she'll be 22! And like a few others, her anniversary is also in March (four years coming up). She'll hopefully start WVU in the spring, and yes, Kath...she'll live on campus. I'm so excited; I want her to experience college life to the fullest! She wants to be a profiler for the FBI; she must have watched the Hannibal movies 10 times, not to mention every other crime show/movie/book in the world! But..she is also interested in accounting. You can catch criminals either way, I guess. I will definitely keep everyone posted on her progress...she's only had to put this on hold for three years...

    Russ, coming from Michigan, snow storms are so common..but beautiful. You have to be careful, because if you mention that you like snow, you can get some very nasty comments/glances from people. So...imagine my surprise when I moved to WV, and drove into Snowshoe, a ski resort town about 6 or 7 miles from me. We were due to have a big storm...8 inches...and people in town were smiling, happy and cheerful about the approaching snow! It was a little like the Twilight Zone! (Jackie..yes, we're in the country...and I WISH I had the money to buy this place! Land so close to the ski resort is VERY pricey...)

    Well...time to switch laundry, and take something out of the freezer for dinner.
    The unpacking is coming along too...but I STILL can't find my soup pot!!


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    Vicky. Martha and Turduckens


    I envy you being in the country and with the snow. My husky will never learn to pull a sled at this rate.

    This am I was sipping coffee and watching rats walk across the phone lines :> )

    Martha you are too sweet, my father also offered for us to stay with him during the outage. It was just easier at home..everything that we needed is here, shower chair/standing frame etc. I admit it was a challenge doing the usual caregiving duties with no power.

    Oh, and about turduckens......the trick is;

    you need a very fast turkey , duck and chicken. And the turkey has to have good brakes

    But what I really enjoy about eating one is that you probably have to break several biblical laws to eat the darn thing.

    Russ Byrd

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