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Martha, the starter of this thread, a belated happy birthday. Thought of you all day girlfriend but never sent an email, sorry

May this be a kick ass year!

cheesecake, thanks so much! You're so sweet to remember.

I popped in here for a refresher course. While it's certainly not SCI, I'm joining the caregiver's club again for the next 3 months while my husband is immobilized. He shattered his tibial plateau and had surgery to put in two plates, heaven only knows how many screws and bone grafts. I was shocked when he was actually in the hospital for a week -- I didn't think they did that for anything short of SCI these days. Now that he's home, I'm finding I'm not so good at the caregiving thing any more. So, where did I come but to the safety of the 'cave'.

I haven't had time to read and catch up, but I hope everyone is doing well.