How good to hear from everyone! I'm still here, but very, [I]very[I] infrequently. We had a great Christmas, very low key and peaceful, although it wasn't white! [Deb, I laughed at "rake the roof"...reminds me of Michigan!
Here in W.Va., up in the mountains, we get just as much snow, but the wind takes care of the roof raking!]

I'm going to attempt to attach a picture of Brianna and Diane (my stepdaughter)....Bri is still at Marshall, working hard. She is majoring in Counseling and minoring in Criminal Justice. Diane is at WVU, majoring in Sociology, minoring in Spanish. They both got all A's this past semester, except for one C each! (Hey, moms gotta brag!!! )

Brianna has had a pretty good year. Easy on the physical problems, but this year seems to have been The Year of the Wheelchair Breakdown! I'm hoping 2008 will be better.

Kate, I loved the picture of Bruce and the girls. They are so grown-up, and pretty too! I'll have to look into DC this year; I'm only a four-hour drive (give or take) and it would be great to get the oldtimers together!

Here's hoping that 2008 brings us all peace, happiness, and good health!!