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Thread: Kate's On Line Journal

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    Hi, all - There's now a 'post your favorite recipe' topic in the "Members Forum"!

    Actually started some Christmas shopping yesterday, found a very cool shop that imports things from Bali/Thailand area, neat stuff and very good prices!

    And -she says, crossing her fingers - looks like the Jersey house closing will go thru on the 15th, barring any last minute glitches. Boy will I be glad to have that done with!

    Found a neuropsych for Matt, seems pretty good; he's retesting him and will base his cognitive rehab on his findings. Matt likes him, so it's all good.

    OUr aide is off today taking a test for a nursing program at one of the local hospitals; if she passes, she'll start school either in Sept. 2004 or 05; sigh - wimper. I have such mixed feelings - I absolutely wish her the best, but don't want to lose her!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    HI everybody:
    I am a little sad today... I did not make it in school, I will have to wait until next year, study harder and get some help, It seems that the people who got in had more than I did(none), on the other hand my brother graduated from HIgh school htis past saturday It was a very full of different feelings together( happiness, joy, rage, sadness) it was his prom night and he could not dance and party with his friends, but he was very happy he could actually be alive and be there, that make it easier to all of us and we had a good time, his friends were so nice to him his teachers and everybody in school had nothing but nice words and compliments on his recovery and his spirit to overcome the adverse situations... That was nice..
    Christmas... I have to start shopping, things here are a little different, we are making the house this weekend.. and well I am going to try my best to make it a nice December...
    TAke care all
    For food on those days (christmas and New years eve ) we make some activities before the night of christmas eve tht we call" Novenas" those are some reunions usually with most of the family members and friends, one day here another in someone else s house, etc it is at night and we pray and sing ( and eat too much all types of homemade tarts??and stuff) I dont know how to translate these... I will try to write the recipe so maybe some of you will try them ( they are good)for the little baby Jesus to come. These events are between 16-24 of December. He is born the 24 at midnight we celebrate that day...
    Well talk to you guys soon.
    Best wishes for everybody.
    Jackie...did you receice mi e-mail??


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    Hi, Nanda - I was just thinking of you the other day! Yes, I received you email; I've sent inquiries, but it may have to wait til the new year, as everyone is busy with the holidays, and time off!

    I know the feelings of being happy and sad at the same time; it was great that your brother got to go to his prom, and I'm glad his friends are being supportive. And I'm so sorry you missed out on school; but there's always a next time!

    I've heard of the custom of visiting friends and familys' houses on the night before Christmas eve - it was in Mexico that I heard it. It's a beautiful custom, and I wish we had one here like it! It's an American/English custom to go 'caroling' at Christmastime; groups of people stop in front of folks houses, or they go to the hospitals and nursing homes, and sing carols. The tradition is to get invited in for a 'wassail cup', which is a spiked punch - just to keep folks warm, of course!

    Are the tarts you're referring to 'empanitas'? Or tamale? I would love any recipes you'd like to share with us; I've just opened a topic in the 'Members' forum, look here, for folks to share recipes. Do you have other 'special' food you prepare at Christmas? Or for the New Year's?

    Gotta run, just realized dinner's burning!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Marmalady, my mother's jewel of a PCA is also taking college prep classes for nursing. I am like you...very torn! As a nurse, I know we need so many more people to choose nursing as a career, and she will be great at it, but at the same time I hate to think about loosing her as a PCA for my mom. Oh well....worry about that later as she is currently only able to take one course at a time due to her full time CNA job and working for my mom.


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    Cheesecake...I hope your five year old is feeling better.

    Jackie, I will check out the recipe forum..Is a great idea. I brought a Turducken (Turkey with a duck and chicken stuffed inside with the dressing) to my family's Thanksgiving dinner this year. I won't be adding this recipe to the forum. It was way too traumatic to cook. And the screaming was really horrible and prompted the neighbors to complain. Maybe next time I will not stuff the birds while they are still alive :&gt

    Steve had his MRI today and then we went to the doc to make sure his Baclofen pump was still running.

    Russ Byrd

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    LOL, Russ - other than the screams from the kitchen,how was the turducken? I"ve seen them made with turkey, duck, chicken, pheasant, quail, and partridge - talk about work!

    Steve is having pump problems? Did I miss that? Hope everything is okay!

    Kathleen - I feel truly evil for having thoughts like maybe she won't be accepted! Oh well, as Miss Scarlett said, 'Tomorrow is another day'!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    One thing that has worked really well for us at our shop is to encourage them, but tell them they have to help us find a replacement! It seems to work well, because they always find someone as responsible, personable and same work ethics as themselves.

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    Hey...Happy Anniversary to US!!

    Exactly one year ago today Martha decided that she liked Kate's idea of an online journal...and this thread was born. We've been coming here for an entire year...some of us posting, venting, opening our hearts, offering wisdom, comfort and humor; some of us reading, or "lurking" for whatever personal reason. Yet we're all in this together. There is such a strong bond between all of us: mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, sisters, partners, injured, able-bodied---the list is endless!

    I just want to acknowledge how much I value each and every one of you. Thank you, ALL of you, for the insight, hope, and inspiration you have all given me this past year.

    Here's to another amazing year of Online Journal contributions!


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    Amazing - it's become such a part of my day I guess I've assumed it's always been there! Thanks, Vicky, for the reminder! And I echo each and every one of your thoughts!

    I'm off to visit lilsis tomorrow morning - woohoo! Haven't had a weekend off in 2 1/2 years, and am SO ready for it - plus I get to drive through 'my' Smokey Mountains - how cool is that?! I know we'll have a ball - probably cook or talk about cooking most of the weekend! Wish more of you could come also - we DO have to get that weekend together for all of us - SOON!

    PS - I wanna see some cookie recipes - here!:

    Recipe Posts

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    My turn to b.... (complain)I am actually mortified at my most recent behavior. My throat hurts from you an idea. I worked late, returned home knowing I still had a mess from recent vacation, think laundry and paperwork. Cleaning lady coming tomorrow, so it is pick up time. Son is out, husband in bed and dogs on the loose and it is 7:00 p.m. Enter the laundry/dogs room and Jack discovered Kobe's doggie diapers and ripped disposables to shreds, major mess. Hubby had bowel accident, laundry and odor, oh my. Son left gel pen in pocket and dryer and clothes are stained from pen. I am playing annoying phone tag with Mom, son walks in door and hubby wants dinner...explosion. Happy anniversary everyone while I have an embarrasing meltdown.

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