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Its weird, I'm happy to have him back but all of a sudden I feel really crowded. I cant seem to sleep well now. Maybe time for a King size???? I guess I got used to sleeping alone ............
I hear that Kelly ..... at the same time as I am excited about having our family melded once more .... I fear it ... because we have established this routine that in spite of its weirdness is .... our routine ..... we've gone through this many times after some of Bill's extended hospital stays and while we eventually settle in again it isn't always easy ..... on top of which we will go from a house full of women (3 at the moment .... did I mention Julie moved home for a brief while ) to one with a man in it !

Ah me ..... what a life ..... it will be odd too because in this house we will have seperate bedrooms .... at least for the time being ... because Bill is on a hospital frame which accomodates his low air loss mattress! I have no idea how long that situation will carry on ... although his pressure sores are nearly completely healed I am almost afraid to go back to a regular bed with him because his skin has responded so well to being on that mattress not to mention the edema in his feet ..... I guess we'll just play it by ear for now !! Once you get used to all that room in a bed all to yourself its .... well ..... you know !

Gad Kap ..... rollercoasters .... I think the one I'm on will do for now ..... but go ..... have fun fun fun ........all that screaming is a good stress reliever !