Oh, Martha, maybe I'll go halfers with you on the doggie rescue ranch!

Stopped at a 'puppy store' last week on the way home; just on a whim; was feeling a little blue and puppies always warm my heart! Although I would NEVER buy a puppy from one of those mills.

Well. There was a little female mastiff about 10 weeks old, fawn-colored, who has taken my heart! She's about 25 lbs already and is so galumphy because her feet are so huge! When the handler put her in my arms to carry into the 'playroom', she just nuzzled right into my neck; I spent about a half hour on the floor with her, and she just couldn't decide whether she wanted to run around the floor or sit in my lap! What an absolute baby doll!

Now the head says - no way can you get another dog - you have two - you're moving - don't you know how BIG mastiffs get? - and they drool - and the other two will be jealous. I know, I know.

She gave me an absolutely lovely afternoon, and I hope she finds a wonderful family, but she's going to carry a little piece of my heart with her!

Oh - and Martha - I'd be happy to be your roomie!!!

Tough times don't last - tough people do.