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    Lightbulb Kate's On Line Journal

    Hey All !!

    With so many new members joining our community I thought maybe it would be a good idea to make our "Journal" a sticky so it doesn't get lost on the board .. and it might serve as a gentle reminder for everyone to check in now and again! I don't know about the rest of you but I love to hear how everyone is doing even if its only a line or two ... its easy to get stuck behind that rock .. I know .. I slip back there myself from time to time ... the only request I have is you either bring the ice cream or an Enya cd ... the "pipe" is kinda nice sometimes too ... never forget this is our "Sanctuary" ...


    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Posted by Kate:
    I've thought sometimes it would be fun to have a kind of online shared journal, like an ongoing conversation to engage us daily with the bigger world.

    There's more, but I have to take the wash out of the dryer, and my daughter needs help with her algebra, and dinner is not yet on the table, and the dog is looking hungry . . .my daughter is 14, the dog is a golden retriever named rocky, dinner is ham and corn and I don't yet know what else, and I'm writing from the northwest corner of the united states, in a small city called bellevue which is near the headquarters of microsoft . . . that's my online journal entry for today!
    Kate, personally I think you have a wonderful idea! I hope you don't mind that I started a topic for it. Sharing daily experiences, both good and bad, would be cathartic for me as well as enjoyable in getting to know everyone better.

    Today wasn't a particularly great one. Husband is having a LOT of UTI's again, many accidents day and night and my migraines are coming more often. But that's part of life I guess. Also, in addition to my own two dogs (female black lab and male golden retriever) I'm fostering two wonderful beasts that need a good home. A big chocolate lab mix and a big fuzzy who-knows-what. they aren't totally house broken, so between all of them I've spent way too much time doing extra laundry and shampooing furniture and carpets daily. Without a yard, it's a handful and frankly the combo of dogs and husband are driving me nuts!!!!! (he says it's a short drive).


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