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Thread: Kate's On Line Journal

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    Martha, how did you know how to price the jewelry? They want to just buy it from me in one large batch. They told me that I needed to name the price but I don't have a clue.

    Do you have any cool shopping in your area? We could always go south. Jim, poor guy, has to come with me, but he's easygoing about these important expeditions, as long as a marguarita is before dinner. We could do a hotel/motel anywhere, we aren't fussy. and I could bring tools!

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    Deb I had NO idea how to price anything and that's one reason I went to this jewelry store in a upscale area that does consignments. I made him quote the price and then I either agreed to it or not. He adds his fee (only 25% which surprised me) on top of what he quoted me. Then it either sells or we talk about pricing again. But the downside is that I don't get any $$ until something sells. I could have used the money now actually. I did have appraisals from 1983 (yeow that's old) and figured if I could get half of that I'd be pretty happy. He quoted me fairly close to 50% without knowing the appraisal I had. Now I just hope this stuff sells. Julian hated shopping so he would just go to a jewelry store and buy something. Most of what I have I never wore at all. I'm one of those weirdos that usually doesn't wear jewelry and when I do, I prefer "fun" stuff and not what I call formal jewelry.

    And unfortunately there is NO decent shopping anywhere around here. On the other hand, I guess that's ok since I don't have any money to spend anyway.


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    Well, Martha, since there's no shopping there, you'll just have to drive to Charleston, where there's TONS, and then we both hop in the car and go to Deb's!!! Seriously think about it!

    If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. - Mother Teresa

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    I am so impressed and wish I had your skills. I am waiting until I can afford a contractor to put beadboard around my kitchen bar and island and in hubbies bath, oh yeah and the laundry room.

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    Martha, I envy you living in Florida...I have never visited, but plan to someday. I know Steve had been to several cities there before his accident while on business trips.

    I wanted to find a way to send out holiday cards to all the caregivers on this thread but I do not want people to post their addresses publicly. I think I will just give my e-mail address here and anyone who is comfortable with the idea can send me their address.
    I promise that you will not wake up one morning to find Steve bundled up on your porch with a note attached. ( I think I read too many Harry Potter books )

    When I think back on the past several years, I can see how much talking with all of you has helped us get through the hard times.

    Oh, I could just use e-cards if people do not want to give out their home address.

    Russ Byrd

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    Do you have a photo you could post of you and Steve? I'd love to put a face to a name!

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    the picture on the postings is me and my tennesee walking horse, Ol' Blue :&gt He is a sweet horse, and I also lost him back in 2001 to spinal myelitis. Now he is doing great again.
    I need to purchase a new digital camera or scan some existing pictures so I can include new pictures af me and Steve. I will try to take some pictures of me and steve soon to post though.

    Russ Byrd

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    Hey all~

    Just checking in to see what's going on with all my favorite caregivers! I'm actually thinking about starting my Christmas cards..this would be an amazing organizational feat for me.

    Tuesday I'm driving to Brianna's and spending the night in order to take her to an early morning appointment at her pain clinic. She is getting the first of three epidural blocks for neuropathic pain in her legs. Wish her luck!! I would love to have this work...see her get off some of the meds. She's at the pain clinic because in WV, by law, you must go through a pain clinic to receive oxycontin! I sure hope she can eliminate that stuff in the near future too...before it's banned completely!

    Hope everyone has recovered from Thanksgiving, on to Christmas!!


    "God warns us not to love any earthly thing above Himself, and yet He sets in a mother's heart such a fierce passion for her babes that I do not comprehend how He can test us so."
    ~Geraldine Brooks, "Year of Wonders"

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    I need to correct something I posted a few days back to Clipper :&gt....I stated that I lost my horse, Blue to spinal myelitis. What I mean't to say was that I almostlost him. I am such a nut at times

    Russ Byrd

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    Hey guys,

    I havent posted in a while so I wanted to give an update about us. I started my new job (finally) about three months ago. I went to training at an airline. I am a flight attendant now. Lots of fun, but I am away a lot. Its hard to be gone at least three nights a week.

    We are gonna try to go on a ski trip in January, which will be wonderful. We havent spent a good amount of time together in a while.

    Anyways, I was just glad to read that things are going reasonably well here. I miss you guys and I will prolly be posting more often now that things are leveling out on the work front.

    Thanks guys for being here. Just knowing you are here is so supportive and wonderful. Thanks again.


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