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    You guys are rich in family and it glows in your writing. Deb

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    It was nice reading all your updates .... as Deb stated the love of family truly shines in all your writings ! Gee Marm I sure wish you guys could get a break for Matt and all the worries ... damn bloody hospitals .... you must want to scream from the roof tops some days ....... why why and why! I will especially keep you in my prayers for continued strength and a peaceful holiday! And Kate I'm glad you weren't blown into the ocean with all the stormy weather you've had .... although there is something to be said for candle light ... I burn candles almost daily - its a ritual with me ... somehow a room just seems cold without them ... well ... and they smell nice too!

    Our Christmas will be different this year without our Julie here - since living in another city too far away and only a few days off from work ! Ironically she is the family traditionalist with all the spirit at our house so she will be missed in so many ways ... but .. life is change so I've learned .. and I believe she is happy .. but I will still miss her terribly. I try to remind myself that that there are many among us who will be missing someone at their table this Christmas for reasons so much sadder than mine and that at least I know she is in Calgary living and apparently loving her life - not afraid to take risks - something I didn't learn to do until I was much older and tied to too many responsibilities! Hopefully we can make up for lost time in Feb when she comes home for her Grandmas 90th birthday party !

    Still there will be 13 of us for Christmas dinner and often there will be one or two that are invited last minute ..... my sisters and I divvy up the meal so I don't have to worry about it all .. it works out pretty well. When I was growing up we carried on many Ukrainian/Polish traditions that have gone by the wayside I fear but there are still one or two that we endeavor to continue ... like throwing the Kasha (a honey and wheat kind of porridge) at the ceiling so it will stick - for good luck - and of course there are always perogies and holobchi (cabbage rolls) and kolbasa (ham garlic sausage) in addition to the rest of the traditonal turkey meal! I'm embarrassed to say we complain about eating too much each and every year ..... and yet continue to do it again and again at every opportunity! I do hope that Bill can enjoy his Christmas this year without incident ... he has been having tummy troubles again having alot of gas etc. that refuses to move almost as if there is a blockage somewhere .. but the CT scan he had shows nothing so it remains unexplained ... as Rosan Rosanna Dan would say "its always something" . He has an ilieostomy as some of you know and although it has been freeing in many ways there are as always issues that go with its maintenance as well. Its become affectionately known as the "space alien" in our house (just because of the strange noises it makes from time to time) ... its funny the things you learn to laugh at !

    Well I really must get breakfast for LJ before she heads off to the second last day before school is out for the holiday.. for 2 whole weeks.. (that was for her) ...... I wish you all a very merry holiday and I pray for peace for and in all our worlds great and small ...
    do you suppose we will ever learn ...

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    After what has been inarguably the worst year since Matt's accident 8 years ago, we're finally beginning to be able to breathe a little easier. Looking forward to a very quiet Christmas this year. Matt is home. He is healthy. Chris and I have both made job changes for the better, both financially and spiritually. So there's a lot to be thankful for, and I'm so looking forward to a little peace in our lives for the coming year.

    I'm not even doing a big dinner this year - gasp We decided we'd spend the afternoon making - and eating - just a bunch of noshes - a tapas Christmas, if you will!

    Deb, we still have presents under the tree from Santa - and from Gus, Pippin, Frosty, and I think I saw one for Matt from Chris Berman!

    Kate, your writing flows with the love you and your family have for each other - keep it coming, it's like a soothing cup of tea!

    Cheesecake - yikes - hoping everyone gets over all the badness before Christmas!!

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    I just caught up here...and I feel like a warm, soft blanket has been wrapped around my shoulders and a mug of hot chocolate pushed into my hands! Can you believe it's been four years? So many changes we've all been through...and so many things still remain the same. Bittersweet, eh?

    Brianna is home for Christmas. My stepdaughter Diane will be home for Christmas too; one of the biggest blessings of this year, being able to finally connect with my stepdaughter! It's a long story, but just know it has had a happy ending.

    We are all well, busy and counting our blessings. I wish you all peace and harmony in 2007!!

    "God warns us not to love any earthly thing above Himself, and yet He sets in a mother's heart such a fierce passion for her babes that I do not comprehend how He can test us so."
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    Texas hallelujah!

    Happy Holidays!

    Warmest wishes to each of you and your families for the Merriest of Christmases or whatever holiday you celebrate!

    May the New Year bring Health, Happiness and Prosperity to all!


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    An early Merry Christmas

    Anyone else here have to run out and shop today? I do and I am kicking myself for it. Just wanted to wish each of you a Very Merry and Blessed Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.

    Dogger, you beat us all to Christmas. May you and your Mon*Stars* have a wonderful day.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

    This is our theme for this year, and I wish everyone the same!

    Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
    Let your heart be light
    From now on,
    our troubles will be out of sight

    Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
    Make the Yule-tide gay,
    From now on,
    our troubles will be miles away.

    Here we are as in olden days,
    Happy golden days of yore.
    Faithful friends who are dear to us
    Gather near to us once more.

    Through the years
    We all will be together,
    If the Fates allow
    Hang a shining star upon the highest bough.
    And have yourself A merry little Christmas now.

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    Merry Christmas to everyone ! I'm having a quiet cup of tea before the [mon]stars wake up and a tornado descends on the Christmas tree .

    Cheesecake , I had to pick up a present for Harry and Bill in town yesterday . I took them with me for some muscle . It is a motor bike , so it got pre Christmas run in yesterday arvo . So far no scratches on bike or jockeys , but no doubt that will change . Lulu is the appointed nurse and has band aids and peroxide ready to do patch up surgery .

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !
    Every day I wake up is a good one .

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    Umm... cheesecake *raises hand* : :
    I think I have a couple hours...luckily, I just need to run around the corner.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

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