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    From page 8, Post #71

    Vicky, I remember laughing out loud at this one:

    . . . when Bri was in kindergarten. First day of school: she's excited, she's thrilled, she can't wait for the bus to arrive...and then she finds out she has to get off the bus AT SCHOOL. She thought she was just going to ride the bus around. NO WAY was she going to SCHOOL!! We had a "discussion", and off she went. Day Two: she's not eager. I'm cheerful as can be. She misses the bus! Hmmm...delaying tactic. Not to worry...Mom is CHEERFUL. I drive her to school, and pull in right behind the bus. She begins protesting. I tell her to go on, she'll have FUN, she'll have a GREAT day... "But, Mom!" No protests, I tell her. Go on...

    I'll never forget the sight of this little girl trudging up the sidewalk, her oversized She-Ra back pack banging on her back...I smile, thinking someday we'll laugh about this. The bus in front of me pulls away, and reveals a huge statue of the Virgin Mary. Oops. Wrong school!! I had dropped her off at the Catholic School!! Oh my I have to get her back! She's probably already learning her Hail Marys...

    She comes back to the car; I'm apologizing PROFUSELY...She just looks at me and says, "I tried to tell you!"
    Oops! Wrong school! I think it's the image of a giant virgin mary that makes it so funny.

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    Bernadette, the "tattie pie" recipe is about page 48. Deb

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    This thread is like reading a good novel and having a cup of your favorite coffee....

    Sounds like a good idea for a book....

    A group of friends brought together by circumstances beyond their control but have persevered and shared laughs and life moments together.....hmmmmmm

    Yall have truly blessed my heart although it has taken me a few days to get through it....
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    Quote Originally Posted by kate
    Friday night--

    Hi, guys. Okay, I'm kind of sucking as a moderator on this forum, but my intentions are to improve radically this week.

    Martha, don't you dare go away! You're the sass and grit of the Caregivers screen, and we need you.

    Vicky, what news on the apartment?

    Jackie, we miss you!

    Starbuck's update: LOL! This week has been a complete rush. I learned to tend bar 30 years ago for people who liked to sneak a dollar beer or two at lunchtime . . . now I'm being a barista for upscale types who think nothing of spending five bucks for a milk-chocolate syrup-whipped cream-caffeine-driven lunch buzz. And, I'm supposed to be working hard at creating that special "Starbuck's experience" for every one of them.

    Today I did the completely dumbest thing.

    We have these whipped cream dispensers, see? And every night they have to be emptied and refilled. So, I innocently unscrew the top of one of these things without first squirting out the contents . . . can you picture what happened???

    Kate, with whipped cream all over her clothes, face, hair! Whipped freaking cream all over the twelve kinds of syrup bottles! Whipped cream all over the tasteful lighting fixtures! Whipped cream all over the tastefully colored walls! Spectacular mess!!! I could not stop laughing. I am not making this up.

    And how are you? Can I get you a beverage?
    One of my all time favorite posts by Kate. Very visual. When we met this spring, I could see the whipped cream everywhere.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Hope everyone had a wonderfully gobblely weekend!

    Lilsis/Deb: A belated birthday to you missy!

    Kate: Great idea about the thread. I've mostly been a lurker on this thread, but have found the sincerity and authenticity of the friendships here very warm and such a wonderful reflection of what this site can be.

    Marm: Sorry to hear how rough things have been. Hope things will soon be better for you and family. It'll soon be a new year....

    Hope all is well with everyone.

    Oh. ps. martha. I JUST saw Julian's picture on the Wall of Hope the other day. It was just nice to see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chick
    Oh. ps. martha. I JUST saw Julian's picture on the Wall of Hope the other day. It was just nice to see.
    Hi Chick -- hope all is well with you.

    Edited because I found the link -- duh. Having a REALLY REALLY REALLY blonde day/week/year/life.
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    I found it also, so here is the WoH link to Julian's picture for anyone who wants to see it. Great looking dogs too!

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    Feb 20, 2003, post #172, page 18

    Here's Cheesecake with a memory she made 3 years ago:

    I am in search of my was cancelled again for tomorrow. The Army came through and helped clear the street today. The snow banks are 8-10 feet high. They are hoping the rain will melt the snow and then hopefully tje kids will return to school. The banks are Soooo high they are worried about safety as the kids wait for the buses.
    The 5 year old went back to daycare today. I am not sure who was happier, him or me. He really missed his friends.
    The kids painted the snow banks using food coloring. They made rainbows in front of the house...made me smile.
    I think on Monday the silence in the house will be maddening. The time together has been priceless.
    Painted snowbanks! Snow so deep the Army has to come and clear it away! See, this is why I love journals . . . it's those little details that would be lost forever.

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    LOL, I remember that long weekend. My husband started smoking after being snowed in with our teen age daughter. He hadn't smoked in 11 years, he has still not kicked the habit. Damn snow. Those rainbows were pretty though.

    Where is the thread where folks chose celebrity look alikes? We only had mental images of each other. Now that was funny.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lilsister
    Bernadette, the "tattie pie" recipe is about page 48. Deb
    I looked 4 times going forward and backwards and still no luck. Can you give me a post number?

    The more I read back, the more this should be put into a book.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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