Another sunny morning...feels like a good day to go shopping! I have a touch of cabin fever, and a wild desire to spend a wee bit o' the green.

Kate~All the best on your return to the crash site. I had to drive past Brianna's accident site on my way to class while I was working on my master's; personally, it was awful. I think your experience, given Bruce's amount of recovery and the support you'll have, will be different. (Request for prayers noted!)

Jackie~Tulips! I am so ready to see some flowers! There's a huge rhododendron bush by the front deck (I know nothing about these plants) whose leaves have remained on the bush and green all winter long. But...we had a young deer up on the deck, munching the leaves when the snow was so deep a few weeks ago, so it may be ragged this year! I guess I'd rather have the little one make it through the winter. You can always get something at Home Depot, right?

Martha~Only in our online journal for caregivers can we turn Hoyer lifts into medieval torture devices!! What a visual, you guys...Julian, piece of birthday cake in one hand, paintbrush in the other...feet dangling a good two feet from the ground...Martha calmly pointing out a spot on the woodwork he missed as she sails by with a book and tall glass of ice the way, I'm taking your orders to ignore spring housecleaning VERY seriously. I'd rather spring clean the yard. I missed my bird feeders this winter, and that's one addition I'm definitely making here.

Journals and writing books: great topic for us, I think. I'm keeping a journal of 2003, which so far has included many ramblings on the happenings of 2002. But Jackie, you reminded me of the time of Bri's accident. (Her anniversary is March 31st; what is it with March??) I had just purchased the book "Simple Abundance" by Sarah Ban Breathnach, which I HIGHLY recommend to all of you. She encourages you to keep a Gratitude Journal; each day, write down something for which you are grateful: tulips, coffee makers, feeding birds and deer, love. I began doing this about two months before Bri's accident. After she was injured, it took a while to get back to writing in it, but going back and reading about all the things I was grateful for was SO helpful at that time! Gratitude was my overwhelming emotion as I was sitting in the ER that March morning, too; so grateful that she was alive, that her break was low and she could breathe on her own and had use of her arms and hands, that there was no evidence of a head injury, that the girl with her was fine (not a scratch!); both my brothers left work that day and showed up to be with me...more gratitude! You know how it is with brothers, too...they were such brats at times when we were kids! Yet there they both were, tears in their eyes, feeling helpless and yet ready to do anything at all. I really believe keeping that Gratitude Journal opened my eyes; I truly believe that nothing is accidental!

Ok..Looking at the length of this, I AM a frustrated novelist, aren't I?? I'm off to "town"...I need a coffee maker, and it's a good hour to the closest WalMart!