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Thread: Closed catheter system

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    Closed catheter system

    I have been doing straight cath for decades and the last year or so the UTI's hae been slamming me steadily. ( I use a sterile cath one time use)

    I have a DME offering me a pretty good deal on Hollister closed system caths. About 10 years ago when they were first becoming popular I sampled some MMG systems. They were convenient and I am familiar with the principle by which they claim to be preventative.

    I was just reading some CC archive / preventative results and can see mixed reviews.

    Question: Is anyone using closed system / 'touchless' caths and finding them to be highly effective in decreasing incidence of UTI's?


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    There are no good studies showing a lower rate of UTI with these systems for self catheterization. They are considerably more expensive.

    Most UTIs in those who use intermittent cath are much more related to not doing caths often enough, allowing too much urine to be in the bladder, or high pressures than due to cath technique or supplies.

    When did you last have urodynamics? Tests for stones?


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    My husband used mentor self cath closed system and has not had a single UTI in over 2 1/2 years since he started using them. When he was reusing straight caths, no matter what he did, had several UTIs in a row. 6 in 5 months. He has been injured for 3 years.

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    I used to use LoFric Ready Kit closed system catheters and didn't have any infections for almost a year. I now use the LoFric Primo catheters, and though they are not a closed system, they have a sterile water pouch and a piece of plastic from the wrapper that you can hold onto, so you don't touch the catheter while cathing. I had to switch because Medicare wanted justification as to why I needed a closed system kit, and since I only needed the catheter (not the accessories that come in the kits), they switched me to the Primo catheters.


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