I would like to know if there are any doctors specialized in SCI, with experience in heading an SCI rehabilitation unit who might be interested to work for some years in Cyprus, Europe as a manager/director of the Government Rehabilitation Unit for SCI.

This unit needs somebody who has the necessary knowledge, experience and expertise to set it up to work as any good rehabilitation unit shall work.

The unit has 20 beds, and personel of 22 nurses, a physiotherapy department with 6 physiotherapists, 2 doctors specialized in pathology and next year hopefully there will be a urologist too. It is located in the main Government hospital so all necessary services or doctors of different specializations are reached easily. However in Cyprus is almost impossible to locate doctors who have the necessary expertise for SCI patients or who have been adequately trained or specialized on SCI.

This position is very challenging as the person who will be hired will reset and fine tune the way all the unit works, so it is suitable for somebody who really wants to make something good. He/She has to speak fluently English or Greek.

Cyprus has around 150 tetraplegics and 50 paraplegics from SCI. Each year there are around 10-12 new cases but there are a lot of complications to chronic SCI patients.

For any information please contact me at dimi1@cytanet.com.cy