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Thread: caught a cop in HC parking hatched area... (hey DeadEye!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue Pendleton
    When you write the Chief of Police insist the force, all of them, be subject to disability awareness training of say....8 hours. Some might actually learn a few things but the mutt will be hurtin' for back up, partners and friends afterwards.
    Or better yet, hit up their association for an annual donation to the cure. A few years ago, the cops and I played wheelchair basketball against the city cops to raise money for the Rick Hansen Foundation and raise awareness. I was supposed to be 'the ringer' lol, but those guys kept passing the ball 5ft behind me or 10ft in front of me. It was a lot of fun and definately opened some eyes.

    If they won't participate - media time. lol
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    Thanks everyone... good thoughts. This could be kinda fun.

    I like the disability awareness training idea... but who would do the educating?

    Jeff: No, I didn't try and track down the cop. I was in a rush & saw this while driving by... figured I could make time for a pic though.

    Robin: this was in the visitor lot @ PVCC. The thought didn't cross my mind to get the car #, but the plate is legible. I have a higher-res photo on the phone that I'll look @ tomorrow.

    Todd: you don't have a vagina, sorry.

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    take the pic personally to the chief of police. ask if you can meet the officer. just be professional, but firm. my 2 cents. you have the pic, they need to respond.

    btw, refer to that as the ACCESS aisle (ADA terminology) and it is illegal to block the access aisle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Pruett
    Todd: you don't have a vagina, sorry.
    I wouldn't kiss with that anyway.

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    Your local ILC would probably be more than happy to provide the disability awareness training....for a fee ("donation").


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    I cant stop laughing at that picture. Here you have a perfectly engineered, well designed designated handicap parking area with the law throwing a monkey wrench into the whole works, generally the way it goes .
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    If you write a letter, make sure to explain that the space he parked his car is necessary for people to actually get OUT of their vehicles, so worse than parking in one or the other spot (which is bad enough) Many people wouldn't automatically understand this so they'd think he was just parking in the end of a crosswalk and no harm done... It would help to raise awareness.

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    Thanks for the pic Scott, I'm using for my background on my laptop. It sums up perfectly how an sci day can be at times. Just perfect.

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    Did you realize that he is actually parked in the crosswalk, also?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    Your local ILC would probably be more than happy to provide the disability awareness training....for a fee ("donation").

    Or redeem me in Richmond and ask the model system at MCV at VCU to add it to the Fall Symposium in Virginia Beach. An added day for disability awareness for public servants shouldn't be hard to arrange even at this late date. Otherwise local ILC sounds good with maybe demos of what a law abiding, rear side lift van pan would do to that car if lowered-legally-into the striped line area. And yes, I forget where it happened, but a women with such a van did a quick errand at a mall and then rolled out to go collect her daughter after school. She said screw it as the pan would probably just mess up the car's bumper that had pulled in while she was inside. It was freezing and getting dark soon and she was not going to be late getting her kid.

    Hey, anyone know an injured former cop?
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